Statement of Solidarity with those Doxxed in our area

It has come to our attention that members of our community are being stalked and harassed on our behalf. We are receiving emails from fake accounts claiming to have identified individual people who contribute to this project. The research these people have done to identify our collective are based off of finding people who sell our merch at zine festivals, on online stores that host our fundraisers or merely post anti-fascist and anti-racist imagery. It also bears mentioning that a good number of people being targeted right now are queer, trans, and non binary; it should come as no surprise that this in and of itself is often reason enough for any white supremacist to go on the offensive. All of these factors are hardly confirming evidence of membership in AAR, but simply supports the fact that our local community is strong, supportive and resilient in the fight against racism and fascism. We stand in solidarity with all of the people who are experiencing this harassment and will continue our work to expose and eliminate fascists and oppressive threats in our community.