Joshua Cody Case and the Ku Klux Klan

Joshua Cody Case

DOB: 08/02/1984

Lives in: Enka/Candler area of Western North Carolina. Previously of Canton, NC.

Physical Description: About 5’10”, 165 lbs, blue eyes, shoulder length brown hair, long and patchy brown beard,  has a celtic cross tattoo above and totenkopf tattoo below- on the topside of his left forearm, often wears baseball caps with hard bent bill.

Social Media: Old FB, Old FB Archived



Asheville AntiRacism originally outed Joshua Cody Case as Grand Dragon of the Patriotic Brigade Knights (PBK) of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) back in March of 2016 shortly after recruitment flyers for the PBK showed up on car windshields in town.  Back in 2016, exposing Joshua Case occurred via flyers posted around Asheville, and on Facebook. Today we are going to more thoroughly map out Joshua Cody Case’s violent racism,  long-standing membership and affiliation with the KKK, and recent engagement with local protests.


Before we get started, here’s Josh Case literally just repeatedly saying he was the one who put out the KKK recruitment flyers back in 2016. And to ice that first slice of cake, he then shares the local news story about the recruitment flyers with the ever-cryptic post along side it “What say you?”




Below you’ll see Josh Case posing with his KKK handbook for the PBK’s Facebook page. The Patriotic Brigade Knights are one of many Klan groups who claim to have membership across all 13 southern states, though research suggests the PBK’s total active membership numbers are likely in the dozens. They are headquartered in Gladewater, TX with mail-in applications linking back to a P.O. box there. The PBK claims they are a “Christian Identity Klan” though they also openly welcome people of other faiths. They specifically mention and welcome Odinists, also known as followers of Asatru, on their website. For more information on white supremacist ties to a particular Odinist group – Asatru Folk Assembly (AFA) – we suggest our previous dox of local AFA member Christopher Michael Pack.

Joshua Cody Case was appointed to the position “Grand Dragon” in the state of North Carolina.  This rank within the KKK is not a passive role. It requires that the participant communicate with the larger network as well as set up a cell in their region or “realm”. Duties include assigning tasks to others such as recruitment, treasury, and weapons training.  The KKK symbol seen on Josh’s hat and handbook has gone through several transformations over the years, but today most klansmen understand the blood drop to represent blood spilled by white people “fighting for their race.”

It is also considered the primary symbol of KKK groups, and goes by such names as the “blood drop” cross, or as the KKK often refers to it “MIOAK” or “Mystic Insignia of a Klansman”. It is most commonly found on their flags, patches, and as you can see below, their handbooks. There are a large number of KKK symbols, dog whistles, and abbreviations which we’ll go more into below.





While we’re talking about identifying symbols of the KKK, lets talk about the Celtic Cross and Totenkompf, what they mean, where they’re from, and the fact they are tattooed onto Joshua Case’s left forearm.

The Celtic Cross that adorns Josh’s forearm is not inherently racist but has been co-opted by white supremacists in the past few decades.  It is particularly popular in Germany with neo-nazis as the swastika is banned in that country.  You may recognize the symbol as a Catholic cross, hence the Irish history, but since Case grew up a Baptist we can only assume the tattoo has nothing to do with church.

The totenkopf, or Death’s Head, was a symbol worn on the uniforms of SS officers in Hitler’s Army.  Both the Celtic Cross and totenkopf are more closely associated with neo-nazis than the KKK, which leads us to the conclusion that Josh is willing to join more than one white power movement.

Here’s a brief breakdown of some of the KKK terminology and abbreviations that are used in the below images and their meanings:

Race War -A longtime popularized idea by white supremacists and hardcore neo-nazis is to create and take part in a Race War. It is in fact a founding principle to begin a race war of groups like Atomwaffen and Feuerkrieg Division. You may see this referred to as RaHoWa a shortening of ‘Racial Holy War’, or ‘The Day of the Rope’, or as GTKRWN an abbreviation of ‘Gas the Kikes, Race War Now’. The concept of a race war has been popularized by books like The Turner Diaries and Seige.

ORION – shorthand for “Our Race Is Our Nation”

88 – 88 is a white supremacist numerical shorthand for “Heil Hitler.” Since H is the eighth letter of the alphabet, 88 = HH  or Heil Hitler.

14/110 –  14 is a reference to the ’14 words’ a popular white supremacist slogan- ‘We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. 109 is white supremacist numeric shorthand for the number of countries anti-Semites claim Jews have been expelled from. In calling for the expulsion of Jews from the U.S., they often refer to the U.S. as the 110th.

FGRN:  Shorthand for “For God, Race and Nation”

The Organization  – The members of the KKK commonly refer to the KKK itself as such ambiguous alternatives as ‘The Organization’, ‘The Empire’, and most notably ‘The Invisible Empire’

League of the South flag –  The League of the South flag, nicknamed “The Cushman Flag” and “The Southern Nationalist Flag” – is is all-white with a black ‘X’ spreading from corner to corner. The League of the South is a white nationalist, neo-confederate group with hardcore neo-nazi ties.

AKIA – shorthand for “A Klansman I Am”

KLASP – shorthand for “Klannish Loyalty, A Sacred Principle”



Joshua Cody Case was born and raised in Candler, NC and has spent most of his life there, aside from a short time living in Canton, NC. Josh Case’s primary interests are hunting, firearms, and wilderness survival. Case used to frequent such bars as The Mountain View in Candler.  He has been fired from several jobs since he was first ousted as a lowly racist in 2016, but still finds temporary work in construction as a backhoe operator or tree trimmer.

It’s both interesting and ironic the level of identification he has with a “redneck” life, given the diverse history of what a “redneck” is/was. Not only is it used as a demonstrative for the poor, white, rural southerner – but it is more specifically tied to a racially diverse coalition of coal miners in Appalachia in the early 20th century. These coal miners came together specifically to fight the coal companies’ deadly grip on the lives of the working people and their families. The term “redneck” came from the red bandannas they wrapped around their necks as they marched on Blair Mountain during the Mine Wars.

This side of southern history has sadly been largely hidden and looked over, which has directly led to an identity crisis for much of the working class south. That identity crisis is directly correlated to the co-optation by white supremacist ideology of southern history.    




Josh Case has recently come back into the local discourse after he showed up to the counter demonstration responding to the “DEFUND” mural painted on the road outside of the police station in downtown Asheville.  The initial call for a patriot presence on social media came from local far-right grifter ‘journalist’ Chad Nesbitt and agitator Sanjit Patel (but more on them later). Josh Case started using more palatable group affiliations to publicly identity with over time. Going from the KKK to League of the South (LOS), to the III% militia. Despite his fluidity in his affiliations, his virulently racist ideals have stood the test of time. The fact that we have to dive back into this sorry excuse for a human is telling.  It shows that while he might have changed handbooks, he is still as violent as ever, and not honest about his past or present intentions.





Locals  have known  of Joshua Case and his role as Grand Dragon of the PBK of the KKK for 5 years now.  His presence at the counter demonstration with a semi-automatic rifle was immediately recognized, noted, and shared throughout the community. This has since led to an arrest warrant for Case being issued for his possession of and carrying a firearm at a public protest.

To be clear, we do not rely on the cops or courts to do our work for us. Regardless of when our enemies do become targets of the state, it does nothing to change the fact that the cops uphold white supremacy and the status quo. They still attack us and everyone who resists oppression. This is why we believe we must rely on ourselves to protect ourselves and stop the fascists.

What we continue  to see is that Joshua Cody Case exhibits the same historical behaviors, including violent threats,  dishonesty, and publicly posturing as a victim and ‘patriot’.




Now lets briefly talk about Josh Case and his history of irresponsible and unsafe practices with weapons. First you can see a 7 hour difference in these posts of Josh Case getting ready to get his drink on for the night, and then the resulting misfire of a pistol into his own leg. As gun owners we know that firearm safety is the most important aspect of gun ownership and operation. It’s impossible to safely handle a firearm if you are under the influence of alcohol, no matter how much you feel you deserve the buzz.


We have extensive archives of the extremely racist, disgusting words and images Joshua Case has shared over the years. While we don’t always feel it’s necessary to further publicize such gross ideological positions, it is also important for people to understand exactly who they are dealing with when they come across people like Josh Case in everyday life. Whether it be at a protest, on the street, in a bar, at work, or even just being in the same Facebook group. The following screenshots are just some of that documentation.