#IdentifyEvropa : Meet Daniel Wallace Rasch, Carolina’s Coordinator for Identity Evropa / Americna Identity Movement

Identity Evropa is at the forefront of the racist “alt-right’s” effort to recruit white, college-aged men and transform them into the fashionable new face of white nationalism. Rather than denigrating people of color, the campus-based organization focuses on raising white racial consciousness, building community based on shared racial identity and intellectualizing white supremacist ideology.

Daniel Wallace Rasch


DOB: 7/11/87 – 31 years old

Address: 2212 Oak Springs Drive Greenville, South Carolina

Occupation: Global Leadership Development Program- Michelin Tires, Greenville, SC

From: Washington & St. Louis Missouri

Previously Lived In: Bryan & Houston, Texas, and Lexington, South Carolina

School: Attended Texas A&M – Mays Business School 2016-2018

We are pleased to introduce Daniel Wallace Rasch, also known as “Tanner – SC” on the newly leaked Discord chat logs of the white supremacist group formerly known as Identity Evropa (IE), currently rebranded as American Identity Movement (AIM)
“Tanner-SC” spent a considerable amount of time on a server called #whitepills before his entire organization was deplatformed. “White pilling” is a play off the alt-right idea that once you take the “red pill” you can see the truth. Their “truth” is filled with antisemitic and Islamophobic conspiracies ranging from Jewish control of all governments to the very extinction of white people as a whole.  To “white pill” somebody is to sneak white nationalist ideology into everyday conversations under the guise of being inquisitive and questioning.  There are a few far right mouth pieces that have tried to master this ruse with some success, notably Richard Spencer   of the National Policy Institute, Jared Taylor of American Renaissance, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Andrew MacDonald.  All have paved the way for suit-and-tie nazis to debate for a far darker future, opening up the conversation of mass relocations, genocide of people of color, and ethnostates ran by a fascist white aristocracy.  Sometimes these arena-traveling street preachers wear a clownish smile, brow-beating their audience into a frenzy–either way their message and tactics are basically the same. The reality of their views are sugarcoated in the message they broadcast, which is that white people are getting the short end of the stick and it’s because of diversity. Their tactic is to introduce these ideas into normal culture via a Trojan horse using language, unchecked statistics, and non-peer reviewed “science” that would never be published in any credible science journal.  This is the particular camp that Daniel Rasch was groomed for.
Beyond trying to “white pill normies” in basic settings of society, Rasch has brought his white supremacist views to the classrooms of the universities he studied in.  When chatting with his fellow neo-nazis on what they thought was a private server, he brags about his “suit and tie workings” and posts a link to a youtube video of a presentation he gave titled, “White People: Trending Towards Extinction”, published 4/6/17 by “Joe Sixpack”. This is the only video posted by this youtube user, lucky for us the video’s license is labeled as Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed) . iGracias!

So now we have a face and voice for “Tanner.” Thank you Daniel for “fanning your own balls,” a disgusting thought yet useful to expose your real name and intentions.  It is worth mentioning that the beginning of the video is cropped as to hide the title slide which would most likely include the name of the speaker.  This is consistent when the video is shared on other websites popular among white supremacists such as Stormfront and voat. 
Tanner SC also boasts of being a state coordinator for new members of IE and references bottom lining fascist  propaganda distribution (see below)
Daniel  Rasch is obsessed with the conspiracy of the “Zionist occupational government” (ZOG), the unfounded idea that Jews secretly run the world.  He is so convinced Jews control all the money globally he invests in bitcoins or cryptocurrency and he acts as Identity Evropa’s online financial adviser, coaching fascists through investments. 
Alongside the grossly antisemitic conspiracy of secret Jewish overlords covertly breeding white people out of existence, Daniel has become very interested in providing tips about how white men can find suitable white women to date and thus breed with.  This dating advice includes going ice skating as it is “very white” and going to revival festivals, which we imagine look white enough for Daniel’s taste or lack thereof.  He goes on to advise fellow white nationalists to join Church youth groups in order to find a white wife. Daniel himself recently joined a local catholic “youth” group.  When we read why, his choice sounds as in-sincere as it does inappropriate. This is an idea originally presented to him by another IE member in the area to find a “traditional” wife to have as many children as possible.
We won’t be including any of Daniel’s past or present partners in this expose at this time, as he likes to keep his involvement with Identity Evropa and the white nationalist movement a close secret.  Therefore, we have no reason at the moment to believe he is being honest/forward about his beliefs, organizing, and financial support of IE with his loved ones and peers.  There will be an edit if we find out otherwise.  Anybody that is willing to lie to their family and lover would definitely have no problem putting on a mask for their employers and co-workers/clients. Nonetheless, we believe everyone around him, along with the greater public, ought to be fully aware of his active membership in a white supremacist organization and a designated hate group. This includes informing not only his family and employers at Michelin, but also the cycling community that he is embedded in.


And there’s maps!



An additional clue solidifying the conclusion that “Tanner-SC” is in fact Daniel Wallace Rasch is his enthusiasm for long distance cycling.  While bike frames change as you upgrade and get new gear, things that don’t change very often are actual frame size and positioning of the saddle which correlate with body size.  So while this might seem to be a small detail to work off of, it was a clue we couldn’t ignore. We were looking for a racist racer in South Carolina. 
The rides that “Tanner” would map out and share close the area to the general foothills area of northern South Carolina.  One link he shares is of a replication of a ride he went on. The beginning of the screen includes text giving us a first name as it spells out “Dan’s ride”.  He later mentions he is in Greenville area.  The two bikes that he posts pictures as his are a 2016 Giant TCR Advanced Pro 2 and a 2017 Cannondale CAADX 105 clyclocross bike. The Cannondale is on an indoor trainer resting on a gray moving blanket in one pic. Various pictures confirm he is in fact in the Greenville / Upstate SC area.  Seems Dan prefers biking to other sports because it is “very white” in his mind.
Before moving to Greenville, South Carolina “Tanner-SC” mentions being about a 3 hours drive to Dallas, Texas in 2017.  He then later mentions having contacts in Houston.  In a different server when once again discussing white birthrates he talks about being from St. Louis, MO originally.
Although Daniel believed his neo-nazi and white nationalist politics made him a suitable candidate for campus internships, decision makers thought otherwise. Someone should have told him sooner that advocating for genocide as a means of racial cleansing is not considered an  “extracurricular” form of “leadership skills”. Apparently his mistake cost him “some good internship possibilities”.
Tanner-SC posts a lot on the mechanical server about tending to and buying cars. Other posts reveal his age at the time he was posting, his sector and title in the workforce and his family’s financial stability.  Even his diet will no longer be a secret!
Now we have a better picture of who “Tanner” is.  We are looking at a 31 year old white male with a brown fashy haircut with a distinct voice.  We are looking for somebody that is originally from St. Louis area and moved to Texas presumably for school and now lives and works in Greenville, South Carolina.  This same person also has a high paying job in tire manufacturing and years if manufacturing experience.  This person’s posts on discord suggests they are highly familiar with the inner workings of business models and finances.  He is mechanically inclined and has plenty of advice to offer on automobiles and bicycles.  He recommends Trek bikes on discord as they are the most American/nationalist company.  The personality behind the handle leans strongly towards privilege, higher education and a know-it-all.  He also appears to attend a catholic church in the Greenville area.
For somebody who thinks they are so smart they sure made a stupid mistake thinking they could share so much personal information on an infiltrated chat server. With this context to guide us we began digging through known Identity Evropa member’s social media (that we will be exposing shortly after this  release, muwaha). Whatta ya know we stumbled upon  Daniel Rasch’s facebook profile
Not only does Daniel’s profile picture look familiar to the “white extinction” youtube video that Tanner SC posted on discord, this Daniel also attended high school at private catholic prep school, De Semet Jesuit High School located in Creve Coeur, a city located in west St. Louis County, Missouri. He later studied at Missouri S&T and Texas A&M University Mays Business School in Houston. Since 2018 Daniel has positioned himself in the Global Leadership Development Program at Michelin located in Greenville, SC.  It would appear that Daniel upgraded to that All-American Trek bike he wanted with his new job, as seen in the cover photo, leaning in that familiar way “Tanner” shot his bikes various times throughout the server. Daniel also has a LinkedIn account that verifies this information.
Furthermore we found a YouTube account under the name Daniel Rasch <link to channel> which features a few videos of modified handgun clips malfunctioning, several bicycle modification videos, video game race car footage and some videos of joy riding in a black corvette with Missouri plates.  Not only is the voice in the videos matching up with the speaker of the “suit and tie work” Tanner took credit for in IE servers linked above, but the content and tone is parallel.  In one video he names off the exact make and model of the Cannondale bicycle featured in discord leaks, the same bike that was parked on top of a gray moving blanket which is also the same blanket used indoors in videos on Rasch’s channel.  The exact same Giant bike mentioned above is featured in several videos.
All of these clues match up quite nicely with Daniel’s timeline, locations, interests as well as voice and face.  To double check on that speech on YouTube we looked into the actual classrooms in Houston’s Texas A&M business school.  We were able to match another video of somebody talking to a group of young entrepreneurs in the exact same room the “White People: Trending Towards extinction” speech was delivered.
This confirmed the speech was presented at the very same school that Daniel Rasch was attending at the same time.  Daniel’s presentation mentions several professors, one of which is Michael Wesson. Wesson happens to teach at the Texas A&M – Mays Business School.  With this knowledge it would be exhausting and redundant to further prove without a doubt that “Tanner-SC” of Identity Evropa is in fact Daniel Rasch; but we will.
On Daniel’s Facebook profile it appears they attend meet-ups with Lucis Via : Catholic Young Adults of Greenville, which is consistent with “Tanner” announcing they had joined a Catholic youth group to pick up ladies.  We wonder what the church would think of Rasch’s role as state coordinator of a hate group coupled with his perverted and hyper sexual agenda…
Without much more to say about Daniel Wallace Rasch’s once secret affiliation with Identity Evropa, we will let Danny tell you how he feels himself.


If you have any tips/information you’d like to share with us, reach out via email at ashevilleantiracism@riseup.net. And remember, don’t give them an inch.


#IdentifyEvropa : Meet Hipster Nazi Jonathan Yodice of Mount Holly, NC


Jonathan Joseph Yodice

DOB: 8/23/88 – 30 years old
Current Address: 101 Austin Field Court, Mount Holly, NC 28120
Prev. Address: 223 Dare Rd. Selden, NY 11784 (Long Island, NY), also formerly of Farmingville, NY
Home: 704-601-7139
Twitter: twitter.com/jonyodice
Instagram: instagram.com/whyisyoumad
YouTube: youtube.com/user/JonYodice
Snapchat: “HedonismIsCool”


For the past few years when people imagined white nationalist trolls online, the image of pasty virgins chuckling at their own racist jokes in their parents basement is conjured.  While these hoards of keyboard warriors sharing memes for “the lolz” are easy to dismiss as pathetic, these are the very foot soldiers of the white nationalist’s most prominent platform, the internet.  To normalize xenophobic speech and ideas on the web is their mission, making it that much easier to recruit impressionable youth and eventually hit the streets as a fascist fighting force or encourage others to go on shooting sprees.  These fascist trolls use “humor” and edgy language that is often unknown to most people with actual social skills.  They often claim to be unapologetic for their disgusting beliefs but their anonymity tells a different story.
Meet one of the newest members of North Carolina Identity Evropa, Jonathan Yodice. Jon sees himself as a quirky comedian of sorts, embracing his self proclaimed nerdiness.  Taking point from Adult Swim shows and song writers, the weirder the better.  It seems Yodice was not satisfied with oddball humor and nonsensical inside jokes and so his views slowly have turned to the white supremacist and Men’s Rights Activist (MRA) fringe online.  It’s almost easy to dismiss these online antics as just having a laugh at politically correct culture if it were not for his steadily increased involvement with white nationalist groups and ideology.
While Jonathan maintains many of his old friends online, it’s unclear where they stand with his new views. The past six months he has cranked up sharing podcasts and nationalist rhetoric, though people who used to interact with his light-hearted humor seem to be largely ignoring or monitoring these new posts.
As Jonathan loses support from older circles he will move forward with his new nazi buddies furthering his indoctrination. This has become clear when watching his participation on white nationalist forums online and his interest in attending the 2nd national Identity Evropa conference in KY.  Don’t give this bigoted schmuck an inch.

#IdentifyEvropa : Meet Phillip James Wiglesworth of Tallahassee, FL

Phillip James Wiglesworth
3265 Sawtooth Drive, Tallahassee, FL 32303
Previous: Lenexa, KS, Olathe, KS, Watertown, NY, and San Diego, CA
Email: pwiglesworth(@)station.sony.com
Former jobs: Retired Army Helicopter Mechanic, NCO. former police dispatcher, Beyond Metal North (KS)
Current Job: Glass repair and installation technician – at Capital City Glass and Screen in Tallahassee, FL (contact information within article)
Twitter- @PhillipWiggles, @harleytime1,  @MarcMezvinskyIIrev
Previous username: @nangasaur
Phillip James Wiglesworth of Tallahassee, FL is no stranger to soaking up every little bit of attention he can possibly get. As Trump ascended to the Presidency back in 2016, Phillip was one who took on the Deplorable label and rode it as far as it would take him. He changed his Twitter account username to #MAGA Wiggleman and took every little interview he could get, from local news coverage of Trump rallies to This American Life on NPR. But while he touted himself as simply an unapologetic, veteran Trump-supporter, in actuality he was quickly latching onto the growing Alt-Right movement.
During the 2016 presidential inauguration in DC, Wiglesworth was an attendee at the Deploraball and felt especially proud of a picture he took with the disgraced-dumpster-fire-“journalist” Jack Posobiec. From there, he went on to attend the Richard Spencer’s speaking event at Auburn University in April of 2017.
-Picture from audience at Richard Spencer talk at Auburn University –
What we know for sure is that by July of 2017 Phillip Wiglesworth was already a member of Identity Evropa. He actively participated in the planning of Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville, VA that August and also attended.
Phillip likes to participate in various actions and ‘activism’ events, which simply means stickering and flyers college campuses with Nazi propaganda. This includes Wiggleshits flyering and stickering Florida State University campus on 3/17/2018.
Wiglesworth brags that his boss is okay with him being a member of a neo-nazi organization, going to Charlottesville to attend the violent torch march on August 11th and the deadly Unite the Right rally on August 12th. He states he showed her a video of a Patrick Casey interview and that “SHE enjoyed it…” He aslo says, “My boss has know I’ve been a member ever since cville.. considering i had to take time off for it. She gets it”.
Wiglesworth mentions doing emergency glass repair in the wake of Hurricane Michael hitting Tallahassee. He  divulges that the company does shower door installation as well. He gives some major clues as to where he works in the discord server, especially when he takes a picture form inside his work van. Whats that writing say? ALUMAX. Well, there are only 3 providers of ALUMAX shower doors in the Tallahassee area, and only one of those is owned by a woman. While Lestie Webb of Capital City Glass and Screen may be okay with a nazi employee, maybe the local community won’t “get it” quite the same way and have a problem with a nazi coming into their homes on the job.
Capital City Glass and Screen
Owned/Operated by Lestie Webb
5312 Corwin Dr, Tallahassee FL 32303
Unsuprisingly, Wiglesworth isn’t simply the “MAGA chud he claims to be on social media and in the brief media spotlights he’s taken. He spews anti-semetic, white nationalist BS often, as evidenced in his prior discord leaks.
Below, you’ll find a picture that Wiglesworth took of his 3 daughters, dressed up in his fashy clothes – like a Kyle Chapman t-shirt – and holding up a racist Pepe the Frog stuffed animal and “OK” hand signs- a dog-whistle gesture for “white power”. Boy, that motorcycle helmet sure gives off the vibe of a “nice respectable” person…NOT.
He also gives us confirmation of his address via his comfortable blabbing in the hipster nazi discord chat recently leaked by Unicorn Riot. Wiglesworth cites this Tallahassee newspaper story as the street that feeds into his neighborhood. When cross-referencing the easily visible intersection with the most recent listed current address, it is clear Wiglesworth still lives at 3265 Sawtooth Drive, Tallahassee, FL.
All in all, Phillip James Wiglesworth is a racist, anti-semetic, POS Neo-Nazi who doesn’t deserve the soft pass he’s been given so far. When we find out about fascist and nazi organizers and participants in our communities and beyond, it is imperative we take a stand and cede no space for that gross violation of safety to the most vulnerable among us. Wiglesworth has shown his true colors, and we see him for what he is. If you see him or have any further information to share, reach out! In the meantime, keep up the good fight against racist scum like this, and don’t give him an inch.

#IdentifyEvropa : Meet Erica Joy Alduino, Neo-Nazi Organizer


Erica Joy Alduino

DOB: 6/25/90
Prev. Address: 2212 King Richards Court, Winter Park, FL
Prev. Residence in: Geneva, FL, Plant City, FL, Altamonte Springs, FL
Physical description: Dark brown hair, blue eyes, noticable chest script tattoo in black and red font, and the word “Rise” on her right shoulder, 5’3″.
Suspended twitter accounts: “_Fidgetfeminism”, “FeminismAvtism”
Erica Joy Alduino is a longstanding and active, organizing member of Identity Evropa- a neo-nazi and white supremacist organization born out of a rebranding of the Nationalist Youth Front. Alduino goes by the username ‘Joy’ in the recently released discord server ironically dubbed “Nice Respectable People Group’ (thanks Unicorn Riot!). Previously, Alduino went by the username ‘Erika’ as she heavily organized in the Charlottesville planning server “Charlottesville 2.0” along with in the “Vibrant Diversity” discord server.
We know that Erica has been a member of the Florida Identity Evropa chapter since at least April 2017, and over the following months organized and participated in various Nazi rallies across the state and beyond. From banner rallies crashing University events, to meet-ups between other self-identifying white nationalists, fascists, and “identetarians”, to coordinated flyering and stickering of their fascist propaganda. Here is Erica is self-identifying as the woman holding the banner in this photo:
And if we take a page out of Emily Gorneceski’s short Twitter dox of Erica, and citing Megan Squire’s – you can see the matching tattoos across her chest in this photo from a news article she contributed her opinions to:
It turns out that Erica Joy Alduino moved out of Florida shortly after the Unite The Right rally of August 2017, and by September of that year was much closer to the Kentucky and Ohio chapters of IE- as evidenced in these posts:
Something to note about Alduino is that she clearly likes to change/mask her outward appearance both for her public Nazi activities and in her free time. Erica has been seen donning wigs and changing both her hair color and style, though naturally she has dark brown hair. If you take looks at the many photographs above she is in, you’ll notice the trend. that why we note the clear tattoos across her chest and right shoulder as being the most clear identifiers if you happen across Alduino.
In the Charlottesville server, Erica Joy Alduino speaks openly about their deep involvement in the operation of the server- which acted as a significant organizing platform for hundreds of Nazis and violent white supremacists to attend the deadly Unite The Right rally. Alduino posts hundreds of messages in the server, helping coordinate lodging, rides up from Florida for her fellow Florida Identity Evropa members, along with the usual disgusting racist, homophobic, and antisemitic vitriol. It’s no stretch to say that Erica Joy Alduino’s facilitation of organizing, and coordination for, the Charlottesville rally was substantial. And any substantial organizing for nazis, fascists, and white supremacists – let alone for a rally to build a coalition between these disgusting and dangerous radical positions – is an act that won’t go without repercussions.
Alduino has participated in a number of “activism” actions with Identity Evropa over the past three years. One particularly disgusting example is Identity Evropa rallying outside of the Pulse nightclub after the deadly homophobic mass shooting that took place there. What this all culminates to is this: Erica joy Alduino is a key organizer and participant with a neo-nazi organization- don’t given her an inch.


Statement of Solidarity with those Doxxed in our area

It has come to our attention that members of our community are being stalked and harassed on our behalf. We are receiving emails from fake accounts claiming to have identified individual people who contribute to this project. The research these people have done to identify our collective are based off of finding people who sell our merch at zine festivals, on online stores that host our fundraisers or merely post anti-fascist and anti-racist imagery. It also bears mentioning that a good number of people being targeted right now are queer, trans, and non binary; it should come as no surprise that this in and of itself is often reason enough for any white supremacist to go on the offensive. All of these factors are hardly confirming evidence of membership in AAR, but simply supports the fact that our local community is strong, supportive and resilient in the fight against racism and fascism. We stand in solidarity with all of the people who are experiencing this harassment and will continue our work to expose and eliminate fascists and oppressive threats in our community. 

¡ALERTA! Un Neo Nazi Peligroso En Asheville

******¡Lo Despidieron!******



Cesar Armando Arvelo Santos–llevando pantalones del uniforme de Traditionalist Workers Party, y visible su tatuaje de la runa Othalo
  • Alias: Cesar Adolfo, Cesar Hess, Commander Cesar A.
  • Facebook
  • Apariencia física: 5’6”, 170 lbs, pelo negro, ojos marrones, tatuajes pequeños en sus brazos, tatuaje de la runa Othalo en su brazo derecho.
  • Fecha de Nacimiento: 31/Marzo/1981
  • Novia: Carrie Lynn Pierce
  • Dirección: 300 Falling Leaf Lane, Apt 316, Asheville, NC 28803 Mapa
  • Teléfono: 336-687-2753
  • Vehículo: Camioneta blanca con caseta, Chevy Silverado de los años 2000, con sticker de “Radical Agenda” (un programa neo-Nazi) en la parte de atrás.
  • Vivía antes en: Miami, FL; Monagas, Venezuela; Flushing, NY; Colorado Springs, CO; Fort Bragg, NC. Veterano de U.S. Army Airborne Infantry


  • Alias: Carrie Lynne
  • Edad: 38 años
  • Apariencia física: blanca, 5’3″ de altura, 250 lbs (aprox), pelo oscuro teñido, ojos azules/verdes.
  • Dirección: 300 Falling Leaf Lane, Apt 316, Asheville, NC 28803
  • Vehículo: Chevrolet Cobalt negro, de los años 2000, sedan de 4 puertas
  • Antes vivía en Yorktown, VA. Veterana de U.S. Air Force
  • Empleo: tiene su propia empresa de candelas, “Carrie Lynn’s Candles,” (https://www.etsy.com/shop/CarrieLynnsCandles) y médium/lecturas de tarot en keen.com


Carrie no solamente acepta la ideología fascista de Cesar, sino los dos participan en actividades Neo-Nazi: entre asistir manifestaciones racistas antes del 12 de Agosto 2017 en Charlottesville y chatear con amigos Neo-Nazi en el internet. Más encima, Carrie se burla de sus clientes de Tarot en su página de Facebook. Le presentamos a Cesar Armando Arvelo Santo, residente de Asheville y miembro del grupo Neo-Nazi Traditionalist Workers Party (TWP). Desde hace varios años, Cesar Arvelo Santos es activo en grupos Nacionalsocialistas y pro-Supremacía Blanca, incluso grupos Ku Klux Klan, todas las organizaciones afiliadas con Nationalist Front (NF), y el ya disuelto Traditionalist Workers Party (TWP). Desde hace unos años Cesar está viviendo en Asheville, pero debido a varios alias y mantener un bajo perfil, ha evitado atencíon. Ultimamente, Cesar fue el “coordinador de la logística” para “Unite the Right,” una manifestación racista en Charlottesville, VA en Agosto 2017. Cesar también fue Region 2 Commander de Traditionalist Workers Party (TWP), lo cuál quiere decir que él supervisaba a la membresía de TWP a lo largo de varios estados en el sur.


Cesar haciendo el saludo Nazi con otros fascistas.
Cesar con Cristopher Cantwell (“el Nazi llorón,” locutor del programa fascista “Radical Agenda”). Note sus tatuajes y los mismos lentes que arriba


Cesar tuvo un papel importante en coordinar y comandar lo que pasó en Charlottesville el 12 de Agosto 2017, día que terminó con la muerte de Heather Heyer, una manifestante anti-racista, asesinada por uno de los manifestantes fascistas a quienes acompañaba Cesar. Según Matt Parrot, uno de los líderes de TWP, “Cesar Hess, un veterano que es uno de nuestros Coordinadores Regionales, trabajaba con The League of the South, National Socialist Movement, y otros grupos de Nationalist Front para dos líneas defensivas de escudos.” Se puede ver a Cesar en varios videos y fotos del día, donde él está apuntando y dirigiendo a esas líneas de escudos. Otro fascista de North Carolina, Christopher Pack, participaba en una de esas líneas. La demanda legal que resultó de la violencia fascista en Charlottesville nombró a Cesar, bajo el seudónimo “Cesar Hess.”

Se nombra a Cesar en el proceso legal en contra de los que organizaron “Unite the Right” y violentaron a manifestantes anti-racistas en Charlottesville
Cesar mandando a manifestantes fascistas con sus escudos durante “Unite the Right” en Charlottesville, VA.


Él se mudó de Colorado Springs a North Carolina, y desde entonces vivió en West Asheville hasta que se mudó a South Asheville con su novia Carrie Lynn Pierce, más sus dos hijos de otra relacíon. Actualmente, trabaja para Champion Systems Inc., instalando y arreglando sistemas audio-visuales y otros sistemas eléctricos en nuestra área. A través de su trabajo, Cesar ha logrado infiltrar la comunidad local de la clase obrera en sitios de construcción y específicamente enfoca en la comunidad latina.

Cesar con Matt Heimbach, aclamando la violencia fascista en Charlottesville, VA

Cesar es muy fanático de los podcasts y estuvo muy feliz de ser invitado al programa “The Right Voice Podcast,” episodio 98, el 21 de Marzo, 2018. Aparece en minuto 32 del episodio. En el episodio, Cesar habla de haber leído Mein Kampf por Adolf Hitler en la secundaria, y describe como, a los 12-13 años de edad, su familia mudó de Venezuela a Nueva York. Cesar describe esta mudanza como su “última pastilla roja,” diciendo que fue la primera vez que él había visto “tantos negros” y que “jamás en mi vida había visto tantos judíos.” En las siguientes dos horas, Cesar habla muchas porquerías asquerosas, entre alentando los asesinatos de inmigrantes negros a hablando de quemar sinagogas, describiendo a los Mexicanos como violadores, y describe con orgullo como engaña a obrero inmigrantes en hacer el saludo Nazi (Sieg Heil). Es difícil escuchar ese episodio. El presentador y Cesar poco a poco se emborrachan, perdiendo sus inhibiciones y auto-respeto. La conversación es tan estúpida como te imaginarías, pero al final puedes entender que Cesar tiene una ideologia violenta y peligrosa.

Cesar pasa más o menos dos horas hablando porquerías racistas en un programa Nazi, The Right Voice Podcast. Con intención, no dejamos aquí el enlace a ese episodio, para no difundir sus ideas de odio.

Cesar es un Nazi particularmente asqueroso. Sabe hablar en formas distintas, dependiendo de con quién habla. Por ejemplo, él a mencionado que enfatiza sus orígenes latinos para manipular a gente de color a hacer cosas que nunca harían en circunstancias normales. Con un acento Venezolano y su piel moreno, no es solamente confuso por qué él difunde ideas de la supremacía blanca, pero más encima se confunde por qué lo permiten en espacios de la supremacía blanca–pero no es completamente único, hemos visto personas de color colaborando con neo-Nazis antes. Parece que Cesar se ha metido en esos espacios como una “excepción de la regla.” No tiene importancia que tan confusa, hipócrita, o estúpida aparece la ideología de Cesar. Lo que sí tiene importancia es que el racismo es una idea. Se puede crear las ideas de la nada y perpetuar y compartirlas. En ese sentido, Cesar no es una excepción.

La foto de perfíl de Facebook de Cesar, sacando un selfie con “Mike Enoch,” alias de Michael Isaac Peinovich, un bloguero neo-Nazi y presentador de su programa podcast. Peinovich fundó la empresa mediática derechista “The Right Stuff” y el podcast neo-Nazi “The Daily Shoah.”
Cesar a punto de cagarse con el miedo en Charlottesville

No dejemos a Cesar ni una excusa. Hablemonos para asegurar que sepamos bien quién es Cesar de verdad, y lo que apoya y cree. Esta informacíon es pública. La compilamos y compartimos para que puedas informar a personas que conoces. Haz con ella lo que crees es necesario. Ni en nuestras comunidades, ni en nuestros sitios de trabajo, ni en nuestras casas–¡No Pasarán!

Asheville Nazi “Cesar Adolfo” exposed as Cesar Armando Arvelo Santos

(en espanol)

***Update***Cesar has since been terminated from his job, though will most likely seek similar work soon***

Cesar Armando Arvelo Santos

Cesar Armando Arvelo Santos- wearing TWP uniform pants, othalo rune tattoo
  • Aliases: Cesar Hess, Cesar Adolfo, Commander Cesar A
  • Facebook
  • Physical Description: 5’6”, Approx. 170 lbs, Hispanic, black hair, brown eyes, small tattoo on each of his forearms, right forearm tattoo is of an othalo rune.
  • DOB: 3/31/81, 37 years old
  • Partner: Carrie Lynn Pierce
  • Address: 300 Falling Leaf Lane, Apartment 316, Asheville, NC 28803 Map
  • Phone number: 336-687-2753
  • Vehicle: White mid-2000s, Chevy Silverado, 2-door, extended cab, white camper shell with ladder rack on top, NC plate: SWP 3917. ‘Radical Agenda’ sticker on bottom left corner of camper shell window.
  • Formerly of: Miami, FL, Monagas, Venezuela, Flushing, NY, Colorado Springs, CO, and Fort Bragg, NC.
  • U.S. Army Airborne Infantry veteran


Carrie Lynn Pierce

  • Alias: Carrie Lynne
  • Age: 38 years old
  • Physical Description:White, 5’3″, Approx. 250 LBs, hair died dark, blue/green eyes.
  • Address: 300 Falling Leaf Lane, Apartment 316, Asheville, NC 28803
  • Vehicle: Late 2000s black Chevy Cobalt, 4-door sedan.
  • Formerly of: Yorktown, VA.  And U.S. Air Force Veteran
  • Job: Has an online candle company, Carrie Lynn’s Candles & online tarot reader/psychic at keen.com

Carrie, is not just complacent with Cesar’s fascist ideology, they actively participate in it. From attending pre-August 12th Charlottesville rallies held by white supremacists to chatting it up with his douchestaffel, goose stepping friends online.  If you ever happen to get your tarot read by Carrie, be aware that if whatever you tell them will be reposted on her personal facebook mocking your problems.


Today we present Asheville resident and TWP scumbucket – Cesar Armando Arvelo Santos. Cesar has actively been in National Socialist and white supremacist circles for many years, including working in conjunction with various KKK chapters, all Nationalist Front (NF) affiliated organizations, and the now defunct Traditionalist Workers Party. He’s been living in Asheville for the past few years, though he’s flown largely under the radar and evaded being pin-pointed by using various aliases and working behind the scenes. Most recently Santos coordinated logistics for the TWP for the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, VA last August. Before TWP had their hilarious implosion a few months ago, Cesar was the Region 2 Commander, overseeing memberships across several states across the southeast.

Cesar Seig Heiling with other nazi boneheads. Note Cesar totally multi-tasking holding a piss beer and his vape while being a bigot. Fuck your clouds bro.
Cesar with nutter  Christopher “crybaby” Cantwell ,    notice his forearm tattoos and exact same eyeglasses as pictured above.

Cesar played a major role in coordinating and commanding the August 12th rally last year that though ending up as a resounding loss for the fascists and racists, also claimed the life of anti-racist protester Heather Heyer. According to Matt Parrott’s own account of the August 12th rally, “Cesar Hess, a Regional Coordinator of ours who’s an experienced combat veteran, worked with the League, NSM, and other Nationalist Front groups to help create two shield walls”. Cesar can be seen in a number of photos and videos pointing and directing these shield walls, one being the same recently doxed WNC shitbird Christopher Pack was a part of. Cesar was also originally named in the Charlottesville lawsuit filed after the Unite the Right rally under the pseudonym “Cesar Hess”.

Cesar named in original Charlottesville lawsuit against ‘Unite the Right’ rally organizers and violence perpetrators.
Cesar directing orders to the shield wall at Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, VA.

He moved from Colorado Springs to North Carolina, and has since lived in West Asheville until relocating to South Asheville with his partner Carrie Lynn Pierce, and his two kids from a former relationship. To our delight he has been terminated from his latest position as an electrician installing and servicing audio, visual and other electric systems in buildings in the surrounding AVL area. Through this work, Cesar gets to infiltrate within the local working class community via construction sites and specifically targets the Latinx community here in WNC.

Cesar with Matthew Heimbach, cheering on fascist violence in Charlottesville VA.

Cesar is a big fan of podcasts, and was excited to be a guest speaker on The Right Voice Podcast, episode 98 on 3/21/2018, though to save you time, brain cells, extra throw-up feelings, note he doesn’t come on the show until about 32 minutes in. Cesar talks about how he read Mein Kampf in middle school, and describes how at age 12-13 he and his family first moved to NYC from Venezuela. Cesar describes this as his “final red pill” stating it was the first time he was “surrounded by a multitude of negroes” and “never seen so many Jews in my life”. There is a disgusting amount of detailed vile shit espoused by Cesar over the following 2+ hours, including his permission for antifa to dox him using one of his last names. We hope using all four of your legal names is still okay. From celebrating and wanting more killings of black immigrants, to talk of burning synagogues, calling Mexicans rapists, and boasts about tricking immigrant workers into seig heiling. This episode was particularly painful to the ears. The host and Cesar progressively drank alcohol and it was apparent as they continued to lose what little inhibitions or self respect they may have had in the beginning. The discussion throughout the poorly executed podcast episode was as problematic and horrible as one would assume, although, at the end we were able to more critically understand Cesar’s dangerous ideology more accurately.

Cesar spends about two hours dribbling racist bullshit on Nazi podcast, The Right Voice. We intentionally did not link this here as to not spread their hatred from our platform.

Cesar is a particularly scummy nazi. He has a complex narrative and manipulates it depending on who is around. For example, he has mentioned pulling the “brown card” and manipulating brown people around him to do things they wouldn’t normally do. With an extremely thick Venezuelan accent and brown skin, not only might it boggle the mind why Cesar would preach white supremacy but the fact that he is allowed in spaces founded on white supremacy can be perplexing- while also not unheard of, as we have seen people of color working with neo-nazis before.

There are many examples of Fascist and National Socialist movements/organizations with some or all membership with black or brown skin. And there is a whole lot to be said for the ways in which the white supremacy has ingrained itself in the  psyches of us all. Though it seems that Cesar has wedged himself into some of these groups as a sort of exception to their specific rules. No matter how confusing, hypocritical or backwards this freaky sack of shit’s narrative appears to be, it is important to remember that racism, at it’s core, is an idea. Ideas can be created, perpetuated and shared by anyone. Therefore, Cesar is no exception.

Cesar’s Facebook profile picture, taking a selfie with “Mike Enoch” AKA Michael Isaac Peinovich, a neo-nazi blogger and podcast host for his show. He founded the alt-right media hub The Right Stuff and podcast The Daily Shoah.
Cesar looking ready to shit himself in Charlottesville.

Let’s not give this rotten slug a smile to hide behind, and reach out to each other to make sure we all know who Cesar really is and what he is really about. This public information has been compiled and delivered to you in order to share and inform with everyone! Do with it what you see fit, stay smart, remain careful, and don’t give this actual asshole a fucking inch. Not in our communities, job sites, or homes. ¡No Pasarán!


Cesar Dox Flyer Here

Cesar Dox Flyer in Spanish Here

The Neo-Nazis Next Door, Alongside Goodwin in Charlottesville

*Originally posted 4/30/2018 on our previous noblogs*


Christopher Michael Pack, a former student Western Carolina University, and Karissa Anne Herbst Pack are former residents of Indiana and current residents of Brasstown, NC and have been flying under the radar lately to avoid the consequences of their choices. Christopher’s decision to stop lurking in the shadows and safety of the internet, and begin organizing at violent white supremacist rallies is why we’re bringing these weasels to the spotlight. Below we will be focusing our attention to Christopher and specify when including Karissa’s involvement in the white power movement. What has over the years evolved from trolling people online through twitter, Facebook, gab (a popular social media site among the far-right) and discord has since moved on to more violent tactics. A fan of the sub-genre of NSBM, national socialist black metal, he attends larger shows in Atlanta area and lesser known shows at The Georgia Peach Oyster Bar, a bar outside Temple, Georgia that regularly holds white power shows and rallies.

  • Name: Christopher Michael Pack
  • Aliases: Ian Moone, seigeresist, Mr. Deplorable, John Smith
  • Address: 33 Bending Trail, Brasstown, NC 28902
  • DOB: 04/27/84
  • Phone number: 219-972-0052
  • E-mail: cmpack1@catamount.wcu.edu

  • Name: Karissa Ann (Herbst) Pack
  • Aliases: Kcapack, karherbst, frodolover69
  • Address: 33 bending Trail, Brasstown, NC 28902
  • DOB: 03/06/90
  • Phone Number: 828-837-4763


Pack attended the 2016 “HammerFest”, thrown by the violent skinhead crew “confederate hammer skins” or CHS. This was a night of racist bands spewing filth and encouraging violence against marginalized communities. Bands on the line included the band Definite Hate, a hammerskin band who’s former guitarist was responsible for the 2012 mass murder at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin. With vendors peddling nazi paraphernalia and literature, cookouts, and drinking all contributing to a festive atmosphere, these events are not merely bad shows for bad people. In fact, they’re specifically designed to network and recruit for many facets of the white power movement. This is what Chris Pack did.

Meeting with Matt and Brooke Heimbach in real life at this white power event was the beginning of a slippery slope Christopher Michael Pack and his wife, Karissa Ann, and it’s brought them to where they are right now. No longer content with being a filthy racist troll online, Christopher began networking and building a relationship with the leader of the now defunct white nationalist group the Traditionalist Worker Party (TWP). This is when Pack started his career with TWP and eventually worked his way up in ranks to become a “Major”. Karissa is not only complicit through association, but actively supports and takes part in fascist organizing herself throughout their years in the white power movement. Pack identifies himself and his rank attained by the time he attended the deadly ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Charlottesville, Virginia last August, under the recycled username “seigeresist” (see images below) as evidenced in the TWP discord leaks provided by Unicorn Riot. He can be seen in a slew of footage, including when TWP and the National Socialist Movement (NSM) are leaving the parking garage together to converge on Emancipation Park.


He is identified by body type, clothing – including his necklace and rank-defining armband, matching earlobes, and other facial indicators along with posts he made himself online. He is spotted in several locations throughout the deadly day, from leaving the parking deck to standing next to and coordinating tactically with another TWP officer named Jacob Goodwin. You may remember the name Jacob Goodwin, as he is one of the four nazis charged with violently assaulting Deandre Harris in the parking garage, and who’s trial just so happens to be scheduled to start this week.

  • Goodwin and Pack coordinating during shield wall defense of Emancipation Park

  • Identifying markers on both Goodwin and Pack identifying them both by ranks and person.



  • Pack wears this necklace often and can be seen pictured with it on social media both before and after Charlottesville.


As with many of the Unite the Right attendees who went on to celebrate the death of Heather Heyer, Pack pats himself on the back about his actions in this invasion of Charlottesville… that is until the weight of what he had been a part of set in. For several days after the carnage the alt-right, neo-nazis and other racists gleefully talked about their roles on August 12th, 2017. Then they started losing friends, family and jobs.

Christopher Michael Pack then followed suit and hid online with the rest of the scum. To protect himself from his own actions he again switched online user names and forums. Following Pack online for the past two years has been a game of wack-a-mole, but he just can’t seem to keep his hipster youth haircut down long enough to avoid detection. With over half a dozen online handles and monikers over the past couple of years logged and recorded we have been able to piece together who he is, what he is about, and where he is. His posts are almost exclusively about Nazism, antisemitism, white nationalism and conspiracy theories. He makes no qualms about being a national socialist and allegedly has read most of the current white supremacist cannon. Karissa Anne Herbst Pack, his wife, also loves to engage with her husbands antisemitic online chatter. She is so down with him flaunting his hatred she sewed him together a little vest with all his favorite racist patches, including a White Aryan Resistance (WAR) patch. WAR was disbanded for domestic terrorist charges decades ago, but was at one point considered one of the more dangerous white power groups in the U.S.

Karissa Pack was working at the John C. Campbell Folk School, after her Flight Attendant job with National Airlines, though her employment is now unknown. What is known is they live right behind the school at 33 Bending Trail, Brasstown, North Carolina. We have an incredibly hard time believing that anybody closely associated with this fascist family have any doubt about their nazi leanings. This includes the newest rebranding of Pack’s image as a member of the Asatru Folk Assembly.

  • Under Facebook name “John Smith”, Pack lists himself as working with ‘Asatru Folk Assembly’

  • 33 Bending Trail, in Brasstown, NC

Asatru Folk Assembly (AFA) is one of many churches that celebrate and worship the pagan gods of northern Europe such as Odin and Thor. While practicing pagan religions is in it self non-problematic, AFA sets itself aside from non-racist pagan churches by claiming these gods belong solely to white European descendants. Many Asatru churches have denied the validity of AFA and other racially charged groups by banning together under the name “Heathens United Against Racism” (HUAR) and The Asatru Community (TAC). Together over 100 groups have signed “Declaration 127” denouncing any heathen churches that promote hatred and bigotry. AFA is not one of these groups. The “Folk” in AFA is a dog whistle meaning “whites only”. To cloak a racist agenda in a religion is not just disgusting and insincere, it is all too common. From the KKK claiming to be a Christian organization to “The World Church of the Creator” screaming for a racial holy war (RAHOWA) these groups have something in common; their use of faith to normalize racism and recruit new members into white supremacy. With that in mind, the members of local AFA in the region must be very cozy with having a violent neo-nazi in their group, as they seem to communicate quite frequently on both Pack’s social media- the same platform he (and the AFA) uses to spread antisemitic and fascist dribble. There are many pagan churches to join, so it raises some red flags when the one you choose to associate with is one of the few who admit open nazis as members.

No, you will not be able to claim we are attacking your religion, Chris. We know what’s up and have no problem with people practicing pagan and polytheism. We have a problem with nazi’s fighting in the street then hiding behind a curtain to avoid consequence. There are consequences, and this is the first we’ll bring to you ourselves.



If you have any tips/information you’d like to share with us, reach out via email at ashevilleantiracism@riseup.net. And remember, don’t give them an inch.

International Women’s Day

March, 8th is International Women’s Day! In the spirit of celebration and international struggle, AAR would like to honor and defend the strengths and growing solidarity occurring within the struggle for women’s equality. This ongoing struggle opposes all forms of oppression against women which are often portrayed  as “culturally traditional”; which in turn provides these oppressive behaviors space to fester and grow. To the individuals, businesses and communities brave enough to speak out and/or act out against these injustices, we commend your struggle and we feel your pain! We also want to specifically acknowledge women, queer folks, and trans people of our community here in WNC who face bigotry both institutionally and personally on a daily basis. We recognize you and stand with you. Not only as we work to dismantle systems of oppression but also as we hold hands and support one another.
        Foremost, we have an immense amount of gratitude for the feminist revolutionary forces fighting in Rojava, in so-called Northern Syria! Following the collapse of Assad’s power in Syria in 2011, the three northernmost counties of Syria (known in Kurdish as Rojava) gained their autonomy under the leadership of the Kurdish PYD (Democratic Union Party) and the protection of the YPG/YPJ militias (People’s/Women’s Protection Units). The Charter of Social Contract, commonly known as the Constitution of Rojava, stresses absolute gender equality, people’s right to self-determination, and sustainability. On the ground, the contrast with ISIS-held regions is remarkable: secular Rojava has outlawed forced marriages, polygamy and underage marriage, and 40% of political positions in each council is held by women. Currently these revolutionaries are in the fight of their lives defending this autonomous region, and the millions who’ve flocked there, against fascist attacks on all sides by Turkish and Syrian State forces and allies.
   For more on the Rojava Revolution, check out these links:
        Next, we want to declare our solidarity with an incredibly empowering movement occurring within the struggle for women’s equality here in the so-called United States. #MeToo, a virally spread movement which emerged in October of 2017, is a hashtag used on social media to help demonstrate the widespread prevalence of sexual assault and harassment, especially in the workplace. Through publically calling out misogynists and career sexual predators, the #MeToo movement continues to highlight the power of solidarity among all intersectionally oppressed people in the work place. This nationwide demand for accountability is a big step that barely scrapes the surface, yet we are so glad to see communities support and fight together, both on and offline. Here in Asheville, we continue this conversation through individual and communal discussion and accountability. We know sexual harassment and assault is inexorably tied to the violent capitalist patriarchy we all exist in and by addressing the root of the problem we seek to rebuild a foundation that supports and promotes the safe and enriching lives we all deserve!
         Our work within Asheville AntiRacism is inherently feminist. As individuals and as one cohesive group we incorporate a feminist ideology in the approaches and actions we take. We do this through critical group discussion and analysis, safe and thorough debriefs, as well as providing a safer space for folks of all genders, sexual orientations, races and ethnicities. Holding ourselves and our comrades accountable in a firm and compassionate way is essential to dismantling all forms of oppression. We also take an active approach to keeping all types of oppressive behaviors out of our community, by maintaining a presence and watching/confronting perpetrators in the community head on. Our work is important and necessary in order to stay engaged with the community and help create a culture around addressing these problems as they arise. We cede no space for their presence here, actively create space for inclusion, and motivate and encourage the larger community to fend off the isolation that comes with being the target of oppression.

Proud Boys – Not Welcome in Appalachia!

 We received a tip last week that about a dozen Proud Boy shmucks went out in uniform together to a local watering hole. We obtained a photograph of the meet up and were able to positively identify all individuals who came out that night. It’s worth noting that more than half of these fools were brought in from out of town, with the largest number of them traveling from the Charlotte area. With them they brought their filthy misogyny, homophobia, and islamophobia.
In response, last night Asheville Anti Racism and affiliates filled the streets with the names and faces of local Proud Boys. In an attempt to keep our community safe we were sure to visit all local restaurants, bars and breweries. We were thrilled with the enthusiastic and grateful reactions from bartenders, managers and customers alike! Some folks needed a bit more explaining than others but for the most part everyone knew these people were a problem either way.  It was especially juicy when we were informed Wilton Jordan had already been turned away and kicked out of bars over the last few weeks, hah! Sometimes the trash takes itself out. One door guy with a  “fuck racism” shirt on was particularly pumped for the detailed tip-off.

Overall it was a really successful and effective night. Community outreach is essential in strengthening local ties. Working together is the only way to stop this filth from spreading. The fact is that nobody wants fascism in their communities, hearts OR businesses! It is wonderful to see our community so excited to stand against worms as slimy as the PBs.

Keep an eye out!

For more information on the names, addresses, family members etc of the proud boys mentioned above please send us a private message.





Proud Boy 101 – THE PROUD BOYS

Buisness Fascist Watch – BAR DOX final



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