Meet N.C. Goyim Defense League Members: Richard Warren Young and Joseph Frank Chiddo

Bay Area Antifascist’s and Torch crew, Bay161, recently described The Goyim Defense League (GDL) really well after identifying GDL members distributing flyers in their own area:

“The GDL is an explicitly genocidal group of neo-Nazis and antisemitic conspiracy theorists based around the social media presence of failed actor/rapper Jon Eugene Minadeo II. Previously a resident of Petaluma, CA, Minadeo has relocated to Florida, where he has worked with the National Socialist Movement and NatSoc Florida, two explicitly Neo-Nazi groups. Group “activism” is largely comprised of livestreaming, “Omegle trolling” or “irl” (in real life) antisemitic harassment, including banner drops and mass distribution of antisemitic flyers. The GDL semi-regularly holds “Name the Nose” tours, which are essentially antisemitic hate roadtrips. During one of these “tours” in Texas, a young neo-nazi emboldened by the increased level of open neo-nazi activity attempted to burn down the Congregation Beth Israel synagogue in Austin, Texas.

More recently, GDL co-organized a Nazi rally with Christopher Polhaus’s Neo-Nazi group Blood Tribe. The event was billed as the ‘March of The Redshirts’ which both groups claimed would be the largest march under the swastika, and the largest unified action by Nazi groups since Charlottesville in 2017. The event was a major bust for GDL and Blood Tribe, with low turnout, infighting, and bad optics.

GDL’s main Telegram chat currently has over 1,000 members and sometimes hundreds of messages a day, but like most Nazi chats, the bulk of this activity is coming from dozens of internet trolls spamming the channel. There’s a steady stream of extremely bigoted content largely centering on promoting antisemitic and racist tropes and Neo-Nazi perspectives.

Richard Warren Young

Primary Property: 1500 Lawrence Road, Creedmoor, NC

Secondary Property: 1107 Allen Woods Road, Wake Forest, NC

DOB: 07/16/1966

Physical Description: 5’10”, short graying, sandy colored goatee, short brown hair, blue eyes, old black ink tattoo on left outer forearm just above the wrist

Vehicle: 2006 Black Ford Pick up Truck, NC plate – KJ1430

Former Addresses in Zebulon, NC and Four Oaks, NC

Telegram: @cracker66, display name Fucker

Gab: @Reichsmarschall

Parler: @Mindyourbiznes

Richard Warren Young is an active member of The Goyim Defense League (GDL) who participates in their main chat under the username ‘cracker66’ with a display name of ‘Fucker’. In this chat, cracker66 claims multiple times to be one of the people who distributed hundreds of GDL flyers in the Raleigh area on September 10th, 2023. In a recent news article, Richard Young is named as one of two people cited with a littering charge for distributing the antisemitic flyers klan-style – by putting the flyers in a ziploc bag with a filler (often sand or rice) to weigh it down and throwing these bags into the driveways and yards of residential homes.

A satellite view of Richard Warren Young’s address at 1107 Allen Woods Road matches the layout of videos posted by cracker66 on Telegram, where he is showing the driveway filled with vehicles in order to display a drawn swastika on an El Camino. Richard Young also posts his age on Telegram, and that he grew up in the Northeast, mentioning how he’s made trips into NYC to get coke. In another post on GDL’s Telegram chat, Young talks about his experience “prospecting” for the Proud Boys, and how they weren’t racist enough for his taste.

Richard Young’s archived Parler account doesn’t show much, but it does tell us a little more about his personal political journey into joining a Neo-Nazi group like GDL. Back in December 12th of 2020, there was “Stop the Steal” MAGA rally in Washington D.C, following the Millions for MAGA March one month before. Richard Young attended the December rally, which was largely attended by Proud Boys, and included both racist attacks, and the vandalism of a historic Black church.

Another posted image by Young is of a Sovereign Citizen document titled Affadavit of Citizenship Evidence. By playing with the contrast and brightness of the posted image, the poorly redacted information on the form becomes visible – confirming cracker66’s identity as Richard Warren Young.

The Sovereign Citizen Movement has clear white supremacist and anti-Semitic origins, and relies heavily on conspiracy theory. It was via William Potter Gale (who we will revisit further down in this article) and his Posse Comitatus movement that the concept of a “sovereign citizen” comes from in 1971. The group was functionally an ideological joining of anti-Semitic Christian Identity principles and anti-government pseudo-legalism. Though it became much more ideologically diffuse since it’s creation, the Sovereign Citizen Movement has grown as a common vein of conspiracy theory among the far-right.  

Some of Richard Young’s other posted videos and photos include a bench with a painted american flag that replaces the stars with a swastika, the inside of his home and flyer printing operation of GDL materials, and a video taken when he and fellow North Carolina GDL member ‘antiparasitic89′ were pulled over for littering the flyer-filled bags onto people’s property outside of Raleigh. The video is roughly 2 minutes long and contains both GDL members’ voices, but only shows Young in frame. Young stays in frame the whole time, and is seated in the driver’s seat of his black Ford pickup truck as he interacts with police and ends up receiving the littering citations individually issued to the 2 Nazis from the car window. 

Wake County district court records show that the citations received include fines of $433.00 each, due by their next court date of November 14, 2023. The citations not only confirm the identity of cracker66, but also reveal the identity of Gab user ‘antiparasitic89’; a fellow Nazi, former Proud Boy, GDL member and flyer-thrower named Joseph Chiddo of Raleigh, NC.

Joseph Frank Chiddo

Last Known Address: Stoney Hollow Condominiums, 7006 Longstreet Drive, Unit C, Raleigh, NC


DOB: 03/20/1989

Gab: @antiparasitic89

Parler: @AmericanMonster89

Joseph Chiddo grew up in the Levittown, NY area where he attended General Douglas MacMaster High School in the class of 2007. His last known address is at his family home listed above, which matches the address listed in the police citation from last week, and take from his license. While Chiddo may not post as many photos and videos of himself doing Nazi activities, he is actually the most active online content promoter for the North Carolina GDL page on Gab. Unfortunately, Joseph Chiddo has very little online presence under his real name, and thus we are only presenting a few photos of him here. One from a mugshot in 2010, and 2 more recent profile pictures – from a since deleted account and Parler account.

Josep Chiddo’s archived Parler account (surprise!) points toward both the Proud Boys and QAnon. In his profile picture, Chiddo is sporting a Proud Boys beanie, and his About section contains both Proud Boy slogans “P.O.Y.B.” and “UHURU”. POYB is an acronym for “Proud of Your Boy”, and UHURU is used as a catchphrase by the Proud Boys, but is stolen from the Black Power movement. Joseph Chiddo was ever a cereal-naming member of the group or not, but it does show open support for the group. The about section also includes the acronym “WWG1WGA” meaning “Where We Go One, We Go All”. This is a hallmark of the antisemitic QAnon Conspiracy theory and it’s adherents.

When taking a closer look at Joseph Chiddo’s ‘antiparasitic89’ Gab profile, we can see a lot more fascistic, Neo-Nazi and antisemitic dog-whistles. For instance, Chiddo signs off most of his posts with the letters “WP” or “WFP” meaning “White Power” or “White Fucking Power”. These letters are often accompanied by the characters “O/”, which are meant to represent an emoticon of a person giving a roman salute or “seig heil”. Similarly, Chiddo uses the sign-off “Hail Victory”, which is again, a translation of the German words ‘seig heil”. In the About section of Chiddo’s profile, we can see that the first sentence is the white supremacist slogan “14 Words” as coined by Neo-Nazi David Lane. Lane was a founding member of white supremacist terror organization The Order.

Chiddo also clearly states in the ‘About’ section of his Gab profile that he is an “White Christian Identitarian”. Let’s look at both Identitarianism and the Christian identity Movement to parse through Chiddo’s ideology and why he chooses to say what he does in the rest of the section.

Identitarianism is an ethno-nationalist, proto-fascist ideology that claims white people exclusively hold the rights to Western society, and falls into the category of a racialist ideology since it defines Europeans as a separate race. Identitarianism is mostly derived from the far-right French neo-fascist movement Nouvelle Droite, and is characterized by it’s recycling of explicitly fascist and Nazi ideas, including a rejection of the principle of human equality, a call for national rebirth, and a populist ultra-nationalism. Notably, this ideology is pervasive in the US far-right movement and adhered to by groups like the defunct Neo-Nazi Traditionalist Workers Party, defunct ethno-nationalist Identity Evropa/American Identity Movement, Richard Spencer’s National Policy Institute, and fascist publishing house, Arktos Media.

The Christian Identity Movement is the antisemitic off-shoot of the 19th-century theory of British Israelism, which claimed Anglo-Saxons and Germans are the direct descendants of the biblical Lost Tribes of Israel. Christian Identity adherents believe that biblical Adam and his offspring were exclusively White, and that all non-white races are a separate, sub-human race. The leader of the fascist Silver Shirts, William Dudley Pelley was also inspired by the Christian Identity Movement, and is noted by one of his biographers as “one of the first Americans to create an organization celebrating the work of Adolf Hitler.” The Christian Identity Movement is steeped in white supremacist organizing, with its leaders’ William Potter Gale (as mentioned above in relation to the sovereign citizens movement) and Wesley Swift involvement in multiple white supremacist organizations between the two of them, like the Ku Klux Klan, Christian Defense League, Aryan Nations, Posse Comitatus and many more.

Joseph Chiddo is just as active of an antisemitic flyer-throwing Nazi as Richard Young is, and the vast majority of all content on the North Carolina GDL page are posted by Chiddo and Young. Richard and Joseph have recently taken the next step in their flyering campaigns by doing them together. The other few NC GDL members who are further away geographically seem to feed them graphics and other Nazi promotional material to spread, when they aren’t spreading antisemitic propaganda themselves.

If you have any other information on Joseph Frank Chiddo of Raleigh, NC or on Richard Warren Young of Wake Forest, NC please send it our way via email at And as always, don’t give either of these antisemitic trolls an inch. 

Local Fascist Historian, Vance Pollock

Thomas Vance Pollock AKA Vance Pollock

Wife: Hulda P. Pollock
Addresses: 17 East Ridge Court, Fairview, NC
PO BOX 1357 E. Charlotte Hwy, Fairview, NC
Vehicle: 2012 Purple Ford Fusion, NC plate- DAJ1825

Known Accounts:


One Fool’s Silver

    Thomas Vance Pollock, also known as Vance Pollock, is an antisemitic, white supremacist, and local fascist historian living just outside of Asheville in Fairview, North Carolina.

     Vance Pollock grew up in Lakeland, Florida, and attended Florida Southern College, majoring in Communications. To date, Pollock’s professional career features occupations in line with his self proclaimed identity as a historian and researcher. This orientation has landed him work as a researcher for local ghost tours, a curator and host of broadcasted radio, and up until recently, Pollock worked as a librarian for Buncombe County Public Library System. Pollock has a history of being asked to leave his job for a variety of reasons. At times he is barred from professional spaces due to persistent harassment of co-workers. At other times, it’s thanks to the public’s knowledge of his fascist beliefs. Pollock has long been gum on the shoe of any and all those he comes across due to his hateful ideology and predatory personality. 

  As a longtime Asheville resident motivated by his identity as a fascist and a fascist historian, Vance Pollock has focused his attention on William Dudley Pelley for at least 3 decades. Pelley, whose life and organizing efforts were based in Asheville, NC, was a science fiction author and the founder of the Christian fascist Silver Legion of America aka the Silver Shirts. Pelley is noted by one of his biographers as “one of the first Americans to create an organization celebrating the work of Adolf Hitler.” The earliest documentation citing Vance’s interest and affinity with fascist organizing was in 1993. While writing an academic paper, Vance tracked down and began to network with former supporters of the Silver Legion. Throughout the bevy of evidence on Vance Pollock’s proliferation and praise of fascist ideology, his gross admiration of William Dudley Pelley comes up time and time again.

    At age 30, Vance Pollock visited Iceland and met his current wife Hulda Pollock. Although we were unable to locate evidence linking Hulda Pollock to personally held fascist beliefs, it is unlikely she has no knowledge of her husband’s passion for fascism. Hulda Pollock is also an employee of Buncombe County Public Library System at the Swannanoa branch in the Children’s Department. She professionally holds the title of Pre-School Teacher. This implies close proximity to the children and families who visit the Swannanoa Public Library. Last year, Vance Pollock tried to join his wife in her proximity to impressionable young minds when he applied for a position as a youth librarian. Luckily, the Buncombe County Public Library System decided against putting him in charge of curating educational materials for impressionable youth on the public dime.    

Until very recently, Pollock worked as a local librarian for the Buncombe County Public Library System at the downtown Asheville branch. On February 23, 2023, an internal investigation into Pollock concluded in the termination of his position. This investigation was conducted by the Buncombe County Library System in response to several employee complaints and recent stalking charges filed against Pollock (explained in further detail later in the article). Notably, Pollock’s promotion of fascist ideology was not explicitly cited as reasoning for his termination.

    Previously, Vance Pollock was the former host of a local radio show called Riffin’, a weekly broadcast that hosted a variety of musical guests, playlists, and interviews. Riffin’ filled Vance’s niche interest in 1950’s-1970s rock and roll. Although an inaccurate representation of the musical region and genre, the show featured musicians and guests who were almost exclusively white. To our knowledge, Pollock was never transparent about his fascist ideology with fans and affiliates of Riffin’. Under the guise of affinity, Vance grew an extensive network of musical peers who were unaware of his narrow, violent, and hateful values.   Pollock is also an administrator of the Facebook group “Carolina Rock’n’Roll Remembered”.

    In March of 2022, Vance appeared on Joshua P. Warren’s paranormal podcast Strange Things. Warren is known in association with Asheville Ghost Tours and as an author and podcaster on local, ghostly history. The two have a documented friendly relationship and we can only infer that Warren is aware of Pollock’s fascist identity, although we are not certain. Pollock’s appearance on Strange Things compliments his fixation on nazi symbolism and connects to his obsession with William Dudley Pelley. In addition to the proliferation of his fascist ideology, Pelley developed an elaborate religious philosophy called “Soulcraft”. Soulcraft was inspired by Pelley’s belief in UFOs and extraterrestrials. Pollock is particularly interested in this esoteric aspect of Pelley’s thought and has written on it extensively. In the episode, Warren explains to his audience that he met Pollock during research investigations into Pelley. Very sus. Pollock focuses on promoting Pelley’s writings as a paranormal researcher, instead of disclosing how Pelley’s Soulcraft relates to fascism. Similarly, Pollock downplays his own identity as a fascist when discussing paranormal phenomenon.

    While it is well documented that Pollock has long been involved in fascist theorizing, he has also openly  expressed support and desire to bring expansive white supremacism to fruition.

    Vance Pollock was on the radar of antifascists since 2016. In an interview with Triad City Beat at a Trump Rally, Vance was featured wearing a “Kill a Commie” Ramones T-shirt while gripping a confederate battle flag. When asked about the flag, Pollock passionately went on about his “forebearers” and his “homeland”- practically slipping in his own goo. Later, in the Summer of 2020, we noted Vance Pollock’s Facebook profile as a coordinator for the right-wing motorcades which were plaguing the city. The local motorcades launched from a Tunnel Road parking lot in East Asheville throughout town. Their stated goal was to harass, endanger, and discourage community marches responding to pervasive police violence and racial injustice. More recently, in 2022, public posts to Pollock’s Gab and other social media accounts unmasked him as the fascist responsible for stickering on behalf of the Aryan Freedom Network (an openly fascist group that promotes Christian Identity and other antisemitic material), and Patriot Front (another more well-known fascist group that many on the far right think are riddled with federal informers). The latter group was spawned from Vanguard America, the group responsible for the murder of Heather Heyer at the 2017 Unite The Right Rally in Charlottesville, VA).

The Librarian Who Loved Hitler

    A particularly un-neighborly compulsion of Vance’s is his desire to spoil books in what are known locally as “Little Free Libraries”. These boxes, humbly plotted throughout neighborhoods and parks in and around Asheville, are built and decorated by neighbors with a wholesome “leave a book, take a book” mentality. Unfortunately, they have become targets for Vance’s arts and crafts. And what we facetiously mean by arts and crafts, is that Pollock ruins books by pasting permanent, full-sized, full-color sticker copies of Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler onto random books inside. Pollock brags about this on his social media. Not a very clever boy.

    According to some of his former coworkers in the Buncombe County Public Library System, Pollock ordered copies of Mein Kampf from interlibrary loan services (like NC Cardinal Loans) and put them on hold at library branches throughout the Buncombe County Public Library System that have Jewish, LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, and other historically marginalized groups employed there. This can be understood as one of the many tactics Pollock has deployed to isolate, intimidate, and disrupt the environments he is in proximity to. Until recently, Pollock took advantage of the library resources that allowed him private access to library patrons’ and employees’ personal information. Several library employees have changed their addresses to PO Boxes to avoid harassment from Vance Pollock and his online cohorts.

    Let’s return to Pollock’s sticker compunction. We learned through Pollock’s public “American_Archvillain” Gab account that he was arrested for and is currently facing harassment and misdemeanor stalking charges in Madison County, NC. These charges are a result of threatening material Pollock admitted to leaving at the home he believed to belong to the mother of a member of Task Force Butler Institute (a research group made up of veterans who keep tabs on fascists and pass that information along to law enforcement). Pollock left a book about a mother who suddenly goes missing with a sticker of Mein Kampf on the cover on this woman’s mailbox. As a librarian, Vance had access through the NC Cardinal of Consortium system, and it is extremely likely Pollock was able to discover her private address and leave disturbing artifacts at her home due to his access to the names and addresses of Buncombe County Public Library patrons. His next court date for stalking is April 21st, 2023

    Vance Pollock recently complained on social media that his vehicle was vandalized with the words “Nazi Scum”  spray painted on it. This story, carefully crafted to position himself as a victim of antifascist retaliation, was featured on his very own gofundme page.

Juxtaposed by his pathetic attempt at victimization, Pollock took this as an opportunity to further amplify his affinity with fascist organizing by posting on his Gab account. He added a clip of the word “Rise”, a logo taken from the the defunct, street fighting fascist group “Rise Above Movement” (whose leader Rob Rundo is in Europe avoiding US federal charges).

Although we are not privy to the circumstances of the vandalism (besides what Vance has expressed on his twitter and Gab), the timing of this event appears to coincide with a gathering of Aryan Freedom Network occurring in Greensboro, NC. Since Pollock uses his Gab account to post and boost the Aryan Freedom Network (AFN) page, we were able to view his claim that this event prevented his attendance that weekend.

Aryan Freedom Network sued the anti-fascist veteran group Task Force Butler in response to being investigated and outed by them. It is likely that the group was on Task Force Butler’s radar due to Pollock’s fixation and harassment of family members of the Task Force Butler crew.

Spine(less) Connections

Pollock’s social media accounts and relationships endorse white nationalism and white supremacy. Pollock has over a dozen social media accounts. Most of them explicitly praise fascist figures and organizations including but not limited to –  Patriot Front, Silver Legion, William Dudley Pelley, Aryan Freedom Network, Adolph Hitler, Counter Currents Publishing, and Arktos Publishing. His affinity can be seen in his simpering online communications with support accounts affiliated with these accounts, and in his friendship on Facebook with the infamously vile Kirk Lyons

A bit on this snake – Kirk Lyons, also known as “the Klan lawyer”, is a decades-long-in-the-tooth white supremacist who lives in Black Mountain, NC. Lyons’ racist bona fides include his Southern Legal Resource Centers attempt to gain recognition of “Confederate Southern Americans” as a legally protected (white) minority under the 1964 Civil Rights Act, it’s provision of legal defense for Tom Metzger ( a member of National Alliance and Aryan Nations) and the organizations attempted coup within Sons of Confederate Veterans to move them from a “Lost Cause”-remembrance society into a more active white supremacist formation. At one point Lyons was married the sister of jailed Order defendant, David Tate. When contextualized by Pollock’s own affinity and activism, this Facebook friendship is not neutral by any stretch of the imagination.

    In addition to networking online with local white supremacists, Vance Pollock shares comments with fascist publishers like Counter-Currents and Arktos. Arktos fits Pollock’s esoteric and artsy self-image. They publish books on “hollow earth” conspiracy theories, translations of Alexander Dugin’s “Fourth Political Theory”, and endorse the works of French New Right author Alain de Benoist. One former American editor at Arktos, John B. Morgan, also shares administrative roles in a Pelley fan club with  Pollock (see picture above).

Vance Pollock and the FBI

    As previously mentioned, Vance Pollock is not the only sheep in his flock with a skewed lens through which he sees the world. Vance Pollock’s cousin, Jonathan Pollock, enthusiastically attended the infamous J6 attacks on the U.S. capitol in 2021 under the impression that the 2020 US presidential election was stolen. A copious amount of video and bodycam footage captured Jonathan Pollock’s attendance and actions on that day – including but not limited to attacks on law enforcement. In the face of such damning evidence, Jonathan Pollock remains on the run from the FBI. Vance Pollock is fully aware of his cousin’s involvement in J6 and used his substack to voice his support of Jonathan’s decision to flee.

    Vance Pollock claims to have been visited by the FBI about Jonathan Pollock’s whereabouts. At the same time that he  decries FBI harassment, Pollock has also said that he’s collaborated with the FBI about revealing the identities of some local antifascist activists. In another connection to the FBI, Vance has posted on his substack defending Patriot Front from accusations of being FBI OPS. It’s difficult to know what the truth is or who Vance Pollock thinks he’s playing against whom.

Some of the Aftermath

   Thankfully, Vance Pollock is no longer employed in the Buncombe County Public Library System. Pollock’s current state of unemployment is not due to anonymous action on behalf of an antifascist organization. Pollock is unemployed due to the Buncombe County Public Library System administration finally addressing his hostile actions and behaviors. Over the years, Pollock has accrued dozens of concerns and complaints from coworkers, embarrassed himself socially and legally via stalking and harassment charges, and in doing so, has motivated an entire sector of the Asheville community to stand against his presence and employment anywhere. But this is not the end of the story.

    Since his recent termination, Pollock struggles to make ends meet. He has sold parts of his William Dudley Pelley memorabilia collection and continues to run bad-faith online fundraisers to garner support. Pollock thematically portrays himself as a misunderstood historian of fascism, instead of a fascist whose expertise includes fascist history. Because Pollock has carefully crafted a forward-facing reputation as a historian of local rock and roll music, we see the potential for Pollock to lean into those networks as a social safety net.

    In March of 2022, Vance appeared on Joshua P. Warren’s paranormal podcast Strange Things. Warren is known in association with Asheville Ghost Tours, as an author and podcaster on local, ghostly history. Pollock’s appearance on Strange Things compliments his fixation on esoteric nazi symbolism like the Black Sun and Sonnenrad. The two have a documented friendly relationship and we can only infer that Warren is aware of Pollock’s fascist identity, although we are not certain.

Vance continues to push to appear as a “Pelley historian”, rather than an acolyte. This stark misrepresentation of his politics and position related to fascist history has landed him interviews in print, audio, and video.

    Platforming Pollock as a neutral chronicler of local extremist history erases the reality that Vance Pollock endorses fascism and actively supports the subjugation and destruction of people he considers inferior.  Platforming Pollock in any way, shape, or form allows unsuspecting individuals and groups vulnerable to his violence and predatory behaviors. He attempted this when applying for the position as a youth librarian. And as we’ve seen with his vandalism of Little Free Libraries, Vance is willing to go to great lengths to promote fascism.

This article is intended to inform all community members of Vance Pollock’s identity as a malicious fascist. We are especially interested in reaching musicians, musical historians, NC historians, and members of the haunted Asheville world, so that collectively, we are able to give this fascist creep the boot!

Don’t Give Him An Inch!

As always, please feel free to send us any further information at

Jacob Alexander Sieber AKA ‘Marcus NC’ of Patriot Front

Jacob “Jake” Alexander Sieber

DOB: 10/11/1993

Phone Number: (704) 771-4694

Lives in the Matthews, NC area

Last Known Address: 1209 Glen Valley Drive, Matthews, NC 28105 – (Note: Family home, possible he’s moved out – unconfirmed)

Vehicle – Jeep Grand Cherokee, black, North Carolina plate: TEK1064

Email –

“Marcus-NC” PF# 983334


Jacob through the years. Top left profile pic from recently deleted linkedin account, top middle – training/drilling with patriot front in Virginia, bottom left – profile pic from recently deleted facebook,profile pic holding an Appalachian State hat where Sieber attended school, Middle bottom – Jacob in Columbia SC before a banner drop sporting a confederate hat. Far right – github


In support of the ongoing effort to expose Patriot Front members using the recently leaked chats published by Unicorn Riot, we present Jacob Sieber AKA “Marcus-NC” . Jacob is one of the most active Patriot Front members of the Carolinas. He acts as the de facto “Network Director” for the two states, which do not enjoy a network title like other areas.


Who Is Patriot Front?

Patriot Front (PF) is a splinter from and rebranding of its former incarnation, Vanguard America, which held the prime organizers and participants in the infamous Unite The Right rally in 2017. Two weeks after James Alex Fields, Jr. murdered Heather Heyer at UTR in Charlottesville, Virginia, a very young Thomas Rousseau announced the transformation of Vanguard America into “Patriots Front,” seizing control of the Southern Front Discord server from ex-marine Dillon Irizarry (aka Dillon Hopper). 

Patriot Front’s ideology never changed from its explicitly “American Fascist” ideology, regardless of which label they happened to be operating under at the time. For a more in-depth look at the interconnection, rebranding, and common memberships throughout the stages of the group’s current namefrom Atomwaffen Division to American Reaction to American Vanguard to Vanguard America to National Bloc to National Socialist Legion to Patriot Frontclick here.

Patriot Front is one of the largest distributors of racist and antisemitic propaganda in the country today, both online and via fliers, stickers, and banners. Patriot Front are also known for their short, choreographed “flash mob” type events where their members will briefly march through a city – often at night when there are no bystanders – while wearing khaki pants, polo shirts, and carrying American flags. These marches function as a means to create more fascist propaganda to recruit new members and spread their hateful ideology. It’s worth noting that during their briefly held march over the 4th of July weekend in 2021, bystanders in Philadelphia chased off the participating Patriot Front members.

On December 4, 2021 in Washington D.C.. Patriot Front marched in full fascist “riot gear” -including shin pads and shields- up and down the Capitol Mall, but ended up leaving about half their group waiting in the cold for hours waiting for a ride after what was originally attributed to the fascist organization’s lack of organization and historical untimeliness during such rallies. This cold failure has since been attributed to the coordinated direct action of antifascists attacking their personal and rented vehicles.

Immediately following their December 4th D.C. march, anti-fascist infiltrators within Patriot Front, along with researchers and groups across the country, began to publicly identify current members of Patriot Front, as part of an ongoing campaign to notify our local communities about neo-Nazis threats.


***For a gallery of all recently identified members of Patriot Front, click here!***


Unicorn Riot recently published the identities of previously unidentified Patriot Front members after obtaining police records from Patriot Front members’ police reports filed. The filings were in response to the members’ personal vehicles being sabotaged with nearly $10,000 worth of damage by antifascists in a Virginia parking lot, while Patriot Front marched in Washington D.C. on December 4th, 2021.

The Identifying details published by Unicorn Riot on Marcus NC are included below, followed by additional information we’ve uncovered on Patriot Front member Jake Sieber. 

Jake Sieber trying to remember why he ever stepped out from behind his keyboard

A leaked message from another Patriot Front member compiling information about damaged cars shows that the Jeep Cherokee listed under a Sieber’s name in the Maryland Park Police report belongs to “owner Marcus NC.”


Here is  Patriot Front member ‘Marcus NC’ training in riot shield tactics in a video leaked in November 2021. The video features Patriot Front drilling ahead of their disaster-filled national action in Washington DC in December 2021. Marcus is repeatedly told he is failing to keep up with the line formation as instructed.

Jake Sieber giving his all, but alas it’s still a Patriot FAIL.

Marcus NC‘, who has conducted membership interviews on behalf of Patriot Front and used the group’s official chat to share antisemitic memes, wrote that he drove a Jeep Cherokee “like 18 hours with a shattered windshield” after the event.

Sieber confirms his windshield was smashed at the December Patriot Front event in DC

Jake’s Cold-Ride-Home-Mobile from the front


Jake’s Cold-Ride-Home-Mobile from the back


Jake Sieber confirms his Jeep

Upon further investigation into Jacob Alexander Sieber, we discovered a lot, even while encountering obvious yet unsuccessful attempts to keep his personal information off of the internet and out of the hands of antifascist researchers. In other words, fascists can’t hide. Before we get into his personal history, let’s take a look at what role he plays in Patriot Front and some of his own words and actions.

Jacob Sieber’s LinkedIn PFP


As part of Unicorn Riot’s leaks, viewers are afforded an inside look at the chat logs of Patriot Front over the platform RocketChat. This includes access to direct messages between members. Additional troves of videos and images were recovered and are available to the public for review.

In these chat logs, Jacob Alexander Sieber clearly communicates under the alias ‘Marcus NC’. In his own words, Sieber displays and describes his role in the fascist, white power organization Patriot Front. He routinely communicates his eagerness to assume and hold onto  leadership positions for the Carolinas region and take on more and more responsibility and action for the fascist cause.

In the highlighted portions of the chats below, Sieber emphasizes his desire to take on a shield team position. As mentioned earlier, video footage shows Sieber training for a shield position. He is constantly reminded by the leader of the training exercise that he’s doing it all wrong. But it’s not for a lack of his desire to be a part of a more militant and violent front of the fascist march, albeit with a sad effort.

Importantly, Sieber mentions his participation in the Patriot Front march that took place in Philadelphia over the 4th of July weekend of 2021, where only a few antifascist locals fought the over 100 nazis off by themselves. Sieber also reveals his association with the Sons of the Confederacy holiday march, which has been a hotly contested appearance at local parades for years due to the groups deeply racist roots and known fascist membership.   

Jacob Alexander Sieber volunteering to be a part of the shield wall formation for the Dec 4, 2021 Patriot Front march in DC.


Jake Sieber confirms he was in the Patriot Front march in Philadelphia over 4th of July weekend of 2021


Sieber mentioning he takes part in the Sons of Confederacy Parade



Sieber target plans for Patriot Front banners


Here’s Sieber confirming 2 travel parties, 1 via Asheville for the December DC event.


Jake’s work history shows he had his first high school job at Carowinds amusement park in Charlotte, NC. His employment transitions to Munchees Popcorn in Charlotte, NC. This is a family business where his Uncle Wyatt Sieber, and cousin Wyatt Sieber are owners and operators. We’ll just pocket that information for now. After time popping that corn, Jake began employment where his father has worked for years – the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association in Charlotte, NC.

A discussion of the vile Evangelist Billy Graham is worthy of an entire set of volumes. However, to encapsulate where it comes into play for Jake Sieber would be how it ties in with his white supremacist views. Graham was a known misogynist and antisemite, who advocated for gay conversion therapy among a litany of other views. These dangerous views are endorsed and reproduced by virtually all white supremacist, fascist, and neo-nazi groups today. Especially Patriot Front.



Jake Sieber went to school at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC. The addresses linked to his voter registration and his education history on  LinkedIn confirm this. He briefly attended University of North Carolina at Charlotte.  At both universities, Sieber studied in the Computer Sciences department and has since gone on to work in the field.

Jacob Sieber’s information connected to his attendance at UNC-Charlotte

Jacob Sieber’s inactive voter registration info. Note the Old Appalachian State University address – *NOTE* this addrres is NOT current.

JAcob Sieber’s since locked-down LinkedIn page


Jacob Sieber’s resume info on Rocketreach

Jacob Alexander Sieber, aka Jake Sieber, aka Marcus NC of of the white supremacist organization Patriot Front is currently working as a data scientist at Domtar, an international paper company that makes billions of dollars each year. His position at a huge company means he can access a plenitude of the populations personal and private information.This is concerning since, as a fascist, Sieber endorses raced, classed and gendered violence against marginalized populations. The ease at which he could potentially use this information to target vulnerable groups is not only problematic, it is dangerous and unethical.

The paycheck Sieber receives from his position at Domtar affords him the ability to fund Patriot Front activity in the Carolinas. For example, Sieber was able to easily pay for the vehicle damages of all the Carolina members’ cars after the December 4th D.C. rally.   

Sieber’s LinkedIn pfp still links through google searches done right.

Jacob Sieber’s information as a data analyst on

Domtar can be contacted at their corporate office in person at 234 Kingsley Park Drive in Fort Mill, SC 29715 – or by phone at 803-802-7500 or 1-877-877-4685.

You should get in touch and let them know exactly why you think white supremacist organizer and known member of the fascist organization Patriot Front – Jacob Sieber, shouldn’t work there!


Jacob Sieber’s Github page

As always, if you have any additional information about Jacob Sieber feel free to email tips to ashevilleantiracism (at)


Patriot Front in Asheville – Charlie Sean Conry

Charles Sean Conry : Patriot Front Jesse NC PF-474823


Charles Sean Conry AKA “Jesse NC” at the campsite in Virginia prior to the march in DC on December 4th 2021. Nice name tag, Chuck.

Picture source

Pulled from Conry’s Facebook. 2019


05/08/1987 (34)




Appearance- 5’11’ dishwater blonde hair.  Light colored eyes. Wears facial hair in several fashions, clean shave, mustache and beard.  Noticeably prominent ears. No visible tattoos.  Unremarkable white dude in his mid thirties.



      Meet the newest nazi transplant from Florida to the Asheville area, Charles Sean Conry AKA Jesse NC. Charlie is an active member of the fascist white supremacist organization Patriot Front.  Patriot Front (PF) is a splinter from and rebranding of its former incarnation, Vanguard America, which held the prime organizers and participants in the infamous Unite The Right rally in 2017. Two weeks after James Fields, Jr. murdered Heather Heyer at UTR in Charlottesville, Virginia, a very young Thomas Rousseau announced the transformation of Vanguard America into “Patriots Front,” seizing control of the Southern Front Discord server from ex-marine Dillon Irizarry (aka Dillon Hopper). 

Patriot Front’s ideology never changed from its explicitly “American Fascist” ideology, regardless of which label they happened to be operating under at the time. For a more in-depth look at the interconnection, rebranding, and common memberships throughout the stages of the group’s current namefrom Atomwaffen Division to American Reaction to American Vanguard to Vanguard America to National Bloc to Patriot Frontclick here.

Patriot Front is one of the largest distributors of racist and antisemitic propaganda in the country today, both online and via fliers, stickers, and banners. Patriot Front are also known for their short, choreographed “flash mob” type events where their members will briefly march through a city – often at night when there are no bystanders – while wearing khaki pants, polo shirts, and carrying American flags. These marches function as a means to create more fascist propaganda to recruit new members and spread their hateful ideology. It’s worth noting that during their briefly held march over the 4th of July weekend in 2021, bystanders in Philadelphia chased off the participating Patriot Front members.

The most recent of these occurred on December 4, 2021 in Washington D.C.. Patriot Front marched in full fascist “riot gear” -including shin pads and shields- up and down the Capitol Mall, but ended up leaving about half their group waiting in the cold for hours waiting for a ride after what was originally attributed to the fascist organization’s lack of organization and historical untimeliness during such rallies. This cold failure has since been attributed to the coordinated direct action of antifascists attacking their personal and rented vehicles.

Immediately following their December 4th D.C. march, anti-fascist infiltrators within Patriot Front, along with researchers and groups across the country, began to publicly identify current members of Patriot Front, as part of an ongoing campaign to notify our local communities about neo-Nazis threats.


***For a gallery of all recently identified members of Patriot Front, click here!***


       Conry is responsible for the bulk of fascist propaganda placed in WNC over the last six months including stickers, stenciled graffiti and banner drops.  He is the main creator of the stencils and banners for the western half of North Carolina using a Cricut machine to make his fascist stencils

Marcus NC mentions Jesse’s ability to create fascist propaganda.

While Patriot Front likes to try to keep their image as clean as they can get, members break organizational rules: as did Charles when he posted a swastika on a local bookstore along with PF stickers on the night of January 8th. He was also spotted placing stickers in downtown Asheville with another yet-to-be-identified individual.

Charlie’s attempt to intimidate the community he just moved to.

The swastika sticker reads “We will not forget Waukesha”, a new rallying cry for racists trying to exploite a tragedy.

He has also been busy in a “tag war” with local anti-racists under the Amboy Rd bridge at the French Broad River Park where he likes to stencil PF garbage.

Charlie Conry’s contribution to Asheville before it was covered up.

He seems to be upset about how quickly his banners get removed and burned.  It’s good to know that he follows us on twitter, get your news from the source Chuckie!

       While all of this is disturbing enough and warrants a mention, he had much more nefarious plans that fell through.  In a video leaked online by Unicorn Riot, Charlie and “Adam NC” are seen scouting the Bridge Park in Sylva, North Carolina.  The reason for the trip was to look for cameras in the area so the group could vandalize a Harriet Tubman statue called Journey to Freedom.  The traveling sculpture was not attacked and is currently on public display in Philadelphia. Patriot Front has been responsible for vandalizing many murals and sculptures across the country the past two years.  All works of art they have tried to destroy have been targeted because of either their inclusive nature or ties to Black Lives Matter movement.  The only reason the Tubman sculpture in Sylva was spared was a heavy dose of paranoia and incompetence of North Carolina Patriot Front membership.  North Carolina’s Patriot Front crew is known for hanging their banners upside down by accident, infighting, having their propaganda taken down immediately and torched.  The Carolinas collectively have yet to actually get assigned a regional number of their own that other areas have. 


Damn idiots.

Charlie Conry drove the fascists to drop a banner in Greenville South Carolina.

Conry with his banner in Greenville SC. Note the plate on Charlie’s Jeep MAV1

USMC decal on the back of Conry’s Jeep. “Adam NC” pictured on the right.

Conry wearing a skull gaiter backwards. These can be bought basically anywhere but within fascist circles it’s a nod to the violent neo-nazi group Atomwaffen Division.

Conry with “Adam NC” and “Patrick NC” as “Marcus NC” films from a distance.

Charlie unfortunately not crashing his car full of nazis into a tree.

Below Conry is discussing the strange behavior of James NC while he filmed the two scouting the area around the statue.  While it’s unclear whether “James NC” might have left the organization in November, or rejoined as some chats infer, we know he has a track record of never truly distancing himself from fascist organizing.  Three years ago James NC, or rather Somerled Macdougall, was identified as the local fascist that was placing the now defunct Identity Evropa.  Somerled probably feels like he got out of PF (again) just in time, but we  remember you.  How’s the wedding photography business  going?  Thanks for picking up the camera and picking new unwitting clients to film, super sweet of you.

Charlie definitely has more than one shirt.

Adam NC (left) and Charlie Conry (Right) at the Bridge Park in Sylva, NC

Charles Sean Conry standing next to the statue he intends to deface.

Below is Conry’s message to Thomas Rousseau about the scouting mission, concerning James NC.

“He’s been late to the majority of weekly meetings and has missed a handful altogether.
He has very odd filming habits referring specifically to the Harriet Tubman statue scouting mission that Adam Nc and Myself Planned in Sylva, NC which James was also late to and he filmed our faces and us talking while scouting the area, which made us feel uncomfortable and then bailed shortly after when we had a pre planned banner drop. Adam then asked him for the footage and he took a week to send it to Adam. At that point neither Adam nor myself felt comfortable completing and further planning in dealing with the statue which would have undoubtedly led to further membership. James mentioned while we were putting up ProMat downtown as a group Oct 1st that it would be a good idea to complain on social media posing as a “liberal”that we (PF) were in the area as a way to give us inorganic recognition, which to say the least is distasteful. The same group that doxxed him before he was in PF found our banners rather quickly after we all left on our activism night October 1st and said Antifa group burned one of our banners but not before they wrote “fuck Thomas” on it…they posted the video. I’ve tried to reach out to him a few times since he’s in my area and he didn’t respond till days later and then the next time he bailed day of. He also bailed on coming with us for the mount Mitchell hike because he couldn’t sleep with a pocket knife. Adam NC can verify all of this as well let me know if you want to talk on mumble about it. “

Charlie Conry moved to Fairview, NC, a twenty minute drive from downtown Asheville about two years ago from Satellite Beach/Melbourne, Florida area.  His current employment is unknown but is likely remote work in finances. 

Conry’s previous “job”.

Conry lives in a newer house bought  by his partner named Natalie Jean Cox who works for Superior Skilled Trades as a “National Account Manager”.  With the amount of propaganda coming out of her home we have a hard time believing she has no clue what her live-in nazi is up to in the basement.

From one of two of Natalie’s Facebook on the left. The right picture is from Zillow. The mantle helps confirm the address.

“Superior Skilled Trades (SST) is a Veteran / Minority owned skilled trade staffing company.”

Charlie Conry likes to play disc golf and might be found at local courses like Richmond Hill.

Charlie’s disc golf tote with the name “conman” on it.

Other Patriot Front members identified around the country can be found here.

As always if you have any additional information about Charlie feel free to email tips to ashevilleantiracism (at)

N.C. White Lives Matter Organizer Outed as Joseph Boswell Gartrell IV

Back in March, white supremacist and overt Neo-Nazi circles began to circulate event flyers for “White Lives Matter” marches to take place on April 11th in cities and towns around the country. While it was billed as a “grassroots” movement of “normal white people standing up for what is right”, a look behind the scenes via Corvallis Against Fascism’s leak of the event organizer’s admin chat logs show a different story. The march leaders for many different cities’ events openly use swastikas on their profiles, logos for groups like the National Socialist Order (an Atomwaffen reiteration/splinter group) and the American National socialist Party, and have usernames like Raleigh, NC rally organizer “ϟϟRide_The_Bolts ϟϟ”, and Orange County organizer “Your Fuhrer”.
What antifascist infiltrators also found in the Telegram organizing chats was that among identified members of Neo-Nazi organizations like National Socialist Club and New Jersey European Heritage Association, the highest common membership factor for any organization was in fact with the Proud Boys.
The biggest story regarding the White Lives Matter rallies that were scheduled on the weekend of April 11th was the success of antifascists in infiltrating their chats and wreaking havoc on their ability to organize successfully. The weekend saw remarkably low turnout all around the country. Asheville saw one lone racist who was quickly identified as Lucas McCain Hall of Fairview, NC, before being chased off (he eventually snuck back around town and waved a flag briefly again while being heckled, later on).

Lucas Mccain Hall, the sole attendee for the fash side of Asheville’s attempt at a White Lives Matter rally on 4/11/21

Lucas McCain Hall’s landscaping work truck: complete with contact information written along it’s side.

In Raleigh, NC the nazis never showed up, due in large part to infighting and disruption in the lead up to the event. And yet, antiracists in Raleigh still came together that day to hold their own victory rally and march through the city. 
Despite their epic failure, Neo-Nazis and white supremacists began attempts at organizing shortly after for another set of coordinated White Lives Matter rallies across the country, this time scheduled for 9am on May 8th. Here’s where we meet the subject of our article and sole organizer of the White Lives Matter rally in N.C. for May 8th, Joseph Boswell Gartrell IV. When organizing for the May WLM events began, a new Telegram channel was quickly made. Those interested in organizing the events for their states/areas volunteered to do so and were given Administrator access to their own Telegram channels and chats for their respective WLM events. By this point, the previous N.C. event organizer,  “ϟϟRide_The_Bolts ϟϟ”,  had been dubbed a “fed” by current WLM organizers. In his place steps user “Joe WhiteShark” or @jreb93 to take the reigns of organizing the next White Lives Matter rally in North Carolina. 
AKA- “Joe WhiteShark”, @JoeReb93, @jreb93, “JoeCane”
DOB: 06/20/1963, 57 years old
Address: 1101 Vista View Lane #107 Winston Salem, NC 27103
Phone number: (407)-376-6929
Profile Archive Links: Gab, Parler, LinkedIn, Twitter
It was fairly quick and easy to link “Joe” to his Parler and Gab accounts (linked above), which both used the same display name of “Joe WhiteShark”, and a slight variation of his username @jreb93 on Telegram- to @joereb93 on Parler. It’s immediately noted that Joe represents himself as an American Patriot Three Percenter, and ‘soft’ represents the Proud Boys through common signifiers like calling himself a “Western Chauvinist” and “F.A.F.O” (Fuck Around and Find Out).
Let’s talk about the history of the Three Percenters movement, of which the group American Patriot Three Percenters is one of many splinters. The Three Percenter Movement was founded by Michael Brian Vanderboegh in 2008 amid a reactionary rise of nationalist fervor, along with white supremacist and conservative political organizing in the face of Barack Obama’s election as the first black president of the United States. Other reactionary movement examples of this time are the Tea Party Movement and the beginnings of the Alt-Right Movement. Vanderboegh had a long history of anti-immigrant, homophobic, anti-government, militia movement organizing and activity. From his authoring of “Strategy and Tactics for a Militia Civil War”, to participation in militia “patrols” along the US-Mexico border, and his unpublished novel Absolved – which was cited as the inspiration for a 2011 plot by Georgia militia members to go on a multi-city bio-terrorism rampage with ricin.
The III% movement has been rife with internal upheaval, drama, and fracturing in many directions over the past few years. While the movement is outwardly anti-government overreach, it has always carried heavy undercurrents via it’s activities of chapters and members of a anti-immigrant, homophobic, and white supremacist nature.  For example, in August, the Arkansas American Patriots III% and other militia members showed up at a march against racism and in northern Arkansas to block the protesters’ access to a Ku Klux Klan compound by request of the KKK to ‘provide security.’ There are myriad examples, from Unite the Right in Charlottesville to 2020’s Stone Mountain rally, of III%er formations openly organizing and participating in racist events- despite what many chapters have said on the heels of bad press for their involvement in these events.
Now, Joe WhiteShark’s profile’s also provide an example of what he’s about by the content he chooses to share there. Going back just a week there are two posts that stick out as prime examples of his beliefs and intentions. The first is a post sharing the White Lives Matter rally flyer for NC. The second is of a video, the preview snapshot of which including the “black sun” or sonnenrad. This is a Nazi symbol widely used by many Neo-Nazi and fascist groups and individuals, including the Christchurch, NZ murderer Brenton Tarrant who murdered 51 people in a horrific fascist attack on worshipers at two mosques. If there was any question about the level of belief and intention of Joseph Boswell Gartrell IV, it’s long gone.
Much like last month’s planning for WLM rallies, antifascist researchers again infiltrated the admin chats for the second round attempt and leaked them ahead of time. While these chats weren’t incredibly active, “Joe Whiteshark” did give us another clue toward confirming his identity. In conversation with the Florida WLM rally organizer “Cracker”, Joe suggests he “March down OBT” and that he “just moved” from an area called Hunters Creek before the Covid-19 lockdowns last year. These are references to the Orlando area, with OBT referring to the strip Orange Blossom Trail, and Hunters Creek being a south Orlando neighborhood.
Aside from his own words in the chat logs and these racist social media profiles of “Joe WhiteShark’s”, there is also an old Twitter account of his that recycles the username @jreb93.  Between all of the accounts, Joe gives a particularly detailed ‘About’ description, which is ultimately helpful in verifying his identity as Joseph Boswell Gartrell IV. Such details, including the Orlando reference, sum up to:
– a Navy UDT (Underwater Demolition Team) veteran, serving sometime between 1980-1988.
-His dad was a WWII Navy veteran and SBD (Scout Bomber Douglas) dive bomber.
– Being born and raised in South Miami, Florida, and an avid Miami Hurricanes fan to which his dad is an alumnus.
– Recently moving to North Carolina some time before April of 2020, and living in Orlando, FL before that. 
A bit more diligent research utilizing the clues “Joe Whiteshark” left us throughout the internet turns up Joseph Gartrell’s old LinkedIn page.  Here we get confirmation of him growing up in South Miami, being a Navy UDT diver in the early/mid 1980’s, and recently living and working in the Orlando area before moving to North Carolina. As icing on the cake, we were even able to find record of his father Joseph Boswell Gartrell Jr’s Navy training memorial post confirming his SBD dive bomber experience during WWII.
There are few and far between images of Joseph Boswell Gartrell IV on the internet, unfortunately. The few we’ve included also span a 20 year period with large gaps in time between. Please feel free to send us any tips and information regarding Joe Boswell via email. What we do know is Joe is living and operating in the Winston Salem area of North Carolina and an active white supremacist organizer who is a danger to our communities. Don’t give him an inch!

Note the shark tooth necklace…

Skyline News ‘Journalist’ Heather Wesley is Carrie Lynn Pierce



Carrie Lynn Pierce AKA Heather Wesley AKA “Raven”


  • Aliases: Carrie Lynne, Rave Hex, Raven, Hex 13, Scarrie Carrie, Heather Wesley, Valkyrie, Northern Valkyrie
  • DOB: 08/01/1979
  • Physical Description: White, 5’0″, Approx. 250 lbs, hair died dark, blue/green eyes.
  • Address: 300 Falling Leaf Lane, Apartment 316, Asheville, NC 28803
  • Vehicle: Late 2000s black Chevy Cobalt, 4-door sedan.
  • Formerly of: Yorktown, VA, Newport News, VA, East Otto, NY, and Warner Robbins, GA.
  • U.S. Air Force Veteran
  • Job: Skyline News “Investigative Journalist”. By the minute phone psychic, online tarot reader/psychic, failed ghost-hunter, inactive online candle company, Carrie Lynn’s Candles.
  • Online Accounts:


Heather Wesley –

Raven Hex –

Carrie Pierce –

Scarrie Carrie –

 Elizabeth Andrews –        

NC Conservative Goth Kids –







Excerpt from Cesar and Carrie article published in 2018 where Carrie Pierce was first outed, though the focus of the article was on Cesar Armando Arvelo Santos and his life-long history of National Socialist (read Nazi) organizing:

Carrie, is not just complacent with Cesar’s fascist ideology, they actively participate in it. From attending pre-August 12th Charlottesville rallies held by white supremacists to chatting it up with his douchestaffel, goose stepping friends online.  If you ever happen to get your tarot read by Carrie, be aware that whatever you tell them will be reposted on her personal Facebook mocking your problems.

     Self proclaimed “investigator” and online troll, Carrie Lynn Pierce has been feeding information to the far-right and more modest conservatives online under the alias “Heather Wesley.” While some people are wise to who she really is and are knowingly spreading misinformation about her identity, many conservatives locally have no clue who they are actually communicating with online. She masquerades as a middle of the road conservative who only wants to protect the status quo and encourage people to vote for Trump and Madison Cawthorn.

      Carrie’s true intention is to deceive and inject her own campaign of bigoted harassment into the forefront further radicalizing conservatives. Her reality is so far removed from the online personas she uses, we hope this article will shed light on her current positions and past affiliations. It’s important that all understand her network’s connection to Carrie’s personal harassment campaign against her perceived opponents.

******Brief Note: For viewing larger images that may appear pixelated in this text, we recommend downloading those images to your non-mobile device and viewing them there in order to see their full detail and all their text. We always recommend scanning files before downloading them from any source you don’t fully trust, for viruses or malware of any kind. Always better safe than sorry. *****  


     Carrie Pierce may not ring a bell to many people outside of radical right and antifascist circles.  She was simply a small feature in an exposé about her husband Cesar Arvelo Santos, a life-long virulent fascist who held rank in the now defunct Neo-Nazi group the Traditionalist Workers Party (TWP).  Cesar was exposed as a “Commander” of TWP in 2018.  Cesar was not only present at the deadly “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, he lead charges of Nazis in shield wall formations that descended upon the university city.  We initially made brief mention of Carrie in our article about Cesar not only because of her complicity in his fascist organizing, but also her participation in it.  At the time we’d put together a report on Cesar, Carrie seemed like small beans or low hanging fruit compared to her hubby, but now that she has become embedded within local conservative circles (largely under false pretenses), she now deserves her own article.

     It’s interesting to note that while we can neither confirm nor deny whether or not Carrie Pierce was in Charlottesville, VA for the Unite the Right rally back in 2017, she was marked as “going” for the event according to Facebook and certainly took part in lots of discourse leading up to it with her Neo-Nazi and White Nationalist friends. One part we’d like to point out is the hilariously incorrect prediction “Carrie the Psychic” makes in the comments of her post. Doesn’t seem worth 2.99$/minute to call her hotline… 


       Carrie Pierce under her alias “Heather Wesley” is one of the most incessant posters and personalities on several  “private” conservative pages on Facebook. She provides personal information on any she deems her enemy to Chad Nesbitt of “Skyline News” as an investigative journalist, Adrian AJ Fox (running for sheriff), Sanjit Patel, a local provocateur via West Asheville Neighborhood Alliance (WANA), and various other local goons. People should be alarmed that the information they are being fed is coming from a such a clear source of violent white supremacist ideology. Her audience might find a foul taste in their mouth if they knew of her Neo-Nazi connections. After all, the main membership of these pages tend to claim a vague form of patriotism that allegedly denounces racism and fascism.  Even more alarming is the fact that Chad Nesbitt and Skyline News are completely aware of the fact that “Heather Wesley” is in fact Carrie Pierce, and actively provide her with a platform for a continuous, baseless targeted harassment campaign. This is not by mistake; the thirst for attention and notoriety dismisses any concerns of accurate reporting by Skyline News.  With this tactic, Chad Nesbitt’s credibility goes (even farther) out the window along with his concerns for his readers’ safety.





       Chad Nesbitt of the pseudo-news source “Skyline News” has made mention of his prized “Investigative Journalist” online before, and on their birthday nonetheless. On August 1st, Chad Nesbitt wished his journalist “Raven” a happy birthday. As noted above, Carrie Pierce’s birthday is August 1st, 1979. Carrie has an alternate Facebook account under the moniker “Raven Hex”. Not only does Carrie use the moniker “Hex13” for her Parler and accounts as per ‘Heather Wesley’, she also uses her birth year in many of her main accounts. Carrie’s twitters are @Cpierce79 and @Folkbunny79. Thanks to Chad Nesbitt’s awful security culture, and Carrie’s extensive online fingerprint we can confirm that the “Raven” whom Nesbitt is referring to is none other than Carrie Lynn Pierce. Thanks Chad, and happy late birthday Carrie.


        Unfortunately for Carrie, the connections don’t stop with Nesbitt’s loose lips. As you can see below, Carrie Pierce and Heather Wesley’s accounts share quite a few similarities. Both accounts are self-proclaimed Norse Pagans, anti-Communist, anti-antifa, have a military background, and adhere to the “Goth” style. On her account as Heather Wesley, Carrie even admits that she isn’t who her fake account reflects. Notice that on March 16 both Carrie’s main account and her Heather Wesley account updated their profile picture with the same exact frame. Carrie’s “Heather Wesley” account also regularly interacts with Chad Nesbitt and his wife Nancy Nesbitt. Carrie’s main profile and her Heather Wesley profile interact with and have mutual friends. Carrie even uses a fake liberal Facebook account to gather information on the left.. This additional fake account also has mutual friends with Carrie’s “Heather Wesley” profile. Carrie’s need for retribution and validation has left a messy but cohesive trail of her online motives and movements.




       Carrie incessantly posts on conservative Facebook forums as “Heather Wesley” and moderates a few as well. Not only does Carrie moderate for Buncombe & NC Conservatives Facebook group, She runs WNC Conservatives Underground. WNC Conservatives Underground is a forum designed to gather information on the left and used to harass and intimidate community members.


     Next we’re going to take a look at how the information Carrie compiles on anyone she deems a “member of antiFa” rapidly ends up on various white supremacist platforms. Carrie was originally outed as a part of the larger white supremacist movement in August of 2018. You’ll notice when looking back at many of her social media sock accounts that the creation dates are typically September or October of 2018. In response to her and her husband Cesar’s outing as a lifelong Neo-Nazi, and because she thinks of herself as some sort of tech-wiz Carrie began a campaign of targeted harassment against anyone and everyone with open stances against white supremacy in Asheville that she could find on social media. It’s important to note that despite the intention of the harassment campaign, it created new ways for targeted antifascists to band together- including self-defense classes and raising enough money for firearms classes and concealed carry permits.




Now let’s look to some of Carrie’s old friends and how they link to the proliferation of targeted harassment publications filled with gross misogyny and transphobia. The key players here are going to be Brad Griffin AKA Hunter Wallace of the Occidental Dissident, and Michael Carothers AKA Michael Weaver of the White Information Network.  Atlanta Antifascists have done some amazing work outlining both Carothers and Griffin and the history and extent of their organizing in white nationalist circles. The targeted harassment campaign against Carrie’s perceived opponents was published back in January 2019 first on Carothers’ White Information Network, then on Stormfront, the oldest white power website created by Klan leader Don Black back in 1995.  

Bradley Dean Griffin of Eufaula, Alabama, has an extensive history of harassment campaigns against perceived enemies. Griffin worked with white nationalist Daniel McMahon (AKA “Jack Corbin” and “Pale Horse”) against his opponents. McMahon spent years harassing anti-racists – especially women – but was finally arrested last year for cyberstalking, threats, and interference against a Black candidate for office. White supremacist Robert Bowers who in October of 2018 murdered eleven people and wounded six in an attack on the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, had earlier offered Griffin an address for an anti-racist blogger targeted by Griffin.

Michael David Carothers has been an active white supremacist for over two decades.  Carothers has been active in the National Alliance, and also in the white supremacist “World Church of the Creator” for several years beginning in 1999. Along with being a key APUSA member (tying him to events like Rock Stone Mountain II) he maintains the “White Information Network” site. This is one place Carrie was able to get the doxes of antifascists put online.  White Information Network is a site where Carothers asks readers such things as to support terrorists like “Olympic Park Bomber” Eric Rudolph.


     Before Carrie Lynn Pierce worked for Chad Nesbitt at Skyline News or even moved to Asheville, she already had tried to establish a career in the paranormal. This will constitute as the only journalistic experience Carrie has ever had, and sadly the most the most thorough of her work compared to her current job with Skyline News. Back in 2007 after her bid in the Air Force, Carrie moved to Canada and became to the director of her own paranormal research team called The Meadowvale Spookies. In her description of herself as Director on the team’s website, she connects herself to the “Valkyrie” alias again, and confirms many of her past cities lived in, etc.

     She even co-hosted a brief podcast known as Dead Hour Radio about the paranormal where she again ties us to another recycled alias, “Scary Carrie”. When Carrie made one of her many psychic website profiles, she ties to a variation on her “Valkyrie” alias adding on to it to make it “Northern Valkyrie” to speak to her living in Canada at the time.

     It is unsurprising that even back in 2010, Carrie was performing the exact same behaviors she’s exhibiting now – a campaign to malign and harass her perceived opponents. As evidenced with a couple of screenshots below, Carrie began a flame war between the community of mediums she was operating in up in Canada after starting a website attempting to call out another psychic. Carrie’s handling of being questioned about the validity of her words lead to backlash in a thread of comments naming all of Carrie’s information and alleged misdeeds. One of which is the allegation she was scamming the Make A Wish foundation, which would indeed be particularly nasty and not outside the scope of possibility.

There were also a lot of foul characterizations and insults we didn’t want to publish and give a platform from these comments either. Our enemies are our enemies and we will give them no quarter, but sinking to their level in insults is something we’ve learned causes more harm to our friends than our enemies.




Joshua Cody Case and the Ku Klux Klan

Joshua Cody Case

DOB: 08/02/1984

Lives in: Enka/Candler area of Western North Carolina. Previously of Canton, NC.

Physical Description: About 5’10”, 165 lbs, blue eyes, shoulder length brown hair, long and patchy brown beard,  has a celtic cross tattoo above and totenkopf tattoo below- on the topside of his left forearm, often wears baseball caps with hard bent bill.

Social Media: Old FB, Old FB Archived



Asheville AntiRacism originally outed Joshua Cody Case as Grand Dragon of the Patriotic Brigade Knights (PBK) of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) back in March of 2016 shortly after recruitment flyers for the PBK showed up on car windshields in town.  Back in 2016, exposing Joshua Case occurred via flyers posted around Asheville, and on Facebook. Today we are going to more thoroughly map out Joshua Cody Case’s violent racism,  long-standing membership and affiliation with the KKK, and recent engagement with local protests.


Before we get started, here’s Josh Case literally just repeatedly saying he was the one who put out the KKK recruitment flyers back in 2016. And to ice that first slice of cake, he then shares the local news story about the recruitment flyers with the ever-cryptic post along side it “What say you?”




Below you’ll see Josh Case posing with his KKK handbook for the PBK’s Facebook page. The Patriotic Brigade Knights are one of many Klan groups who claim to have membership across all 13 southern states, though research suggests the PBK’s total active membership numbers are likely in the dozens. They are headquartered in Gladewater, TX with mail-in applications linking back to a P.O. box there. The PBK claims they are a “Christian Identity Klan” though they also openly welcome people of other faiths. They specifically mention and welcome Odinists, also known as followers of Asatru, on their website. For more information on white supremacist ties to a particular Odinist group – Asatru Folk Assembly (AFA) – we suggest our previous dox of local AFA member Christopher Michael Pack.

Joshua Cody Case was appointed to the position “Grand Dragon” in the state of North Carolina.  This rank within the KKK is not a passive role. It requires that the participant communicate with the larger network as well as set up a cell in their region or “realm”. Duties include assigning tasks to others such as recruitment, treasury, and weapons training.  The KKK symbol seen on Josh’s hat and handbook has gone through several transformations over the years, but today most klansmen understand the blood drop to represent blood spilled by white people “fighting for their race.”

It is also considered the primary symbol of KKK groups, and goes by such names as the “blood drop” cross, or as the KKK often refers to it “MIOAK” or “Mystic Insignia of a Klansman”. It is most commonly found on their flags, patches, and as you can see below, their handbooks. There are a large number of KKK symbols, dog whistles, and abbreviations which we’ll go more into below.





While we’re talking about identifying symbols of the KKK, lets talk about the Celtic Cross and Totenkompf, what they mean, where they’re from, and the fact they are tattooed onto Joshua Case’s left forearm.

The Celtic Cross that adorns Josh’s forearm is not inherently racist but has been co-opted by white supremacists in the past few decades.  It is particularly popular in Germany with neo-nazis as the swastika is banned in that country.  You may recognize the symbol as a Catholic cross, hence the Irish history, but since Case grew up a Baptist we can only assume the tattoo has nothing to do with church.

The totenkopf, or Death’s Head, was a symbol worn on the uniforms of SS officers in Hitler’s Army.  Both the Celtic Cross and totenkopf are more closely associated with neo-nazis than the KKK, which leads us to the conclusion that Josh is willing to join more than one white power movement.

Here’s a brief breakdown of some of the KKK terminology and abbreviations that are used in the below images and their meanings:

Race War -A longtime popularized idea by white supremacists and hardcore neo-nazis is to create and take part in a Race War. It is in fact a founding principle to begin a race war of groups like Atomwaffen and Feuerkrieg Division. You may see this referred to as RaHoWa a shortening of ‘Racial Holy War’, or ‘The Day of the Rope’, or as GTKRWN an abbreviation of ‘Gas the Kikes, Race War Now’. The concept of a race war has been popularized by books like The Turner Diaries and Seige.

ORION – shorthand for “Our Race Is Our Nation”

88 – 88 is a white supremacist numerical shorthand for “Heil Hitler.” Since H is the eighth letter of the alphabet, 88 = HH  or Heil Hitler.

14/110 –  14 is a reference to the ’14 words’ a popular white supremacist slogan- ‘We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. 109 is white supremacist numeric shorthand for the number of countries anti-Semites claim Jews have been expelled from. In calling for the expulsion of Jews from the U.S., they often refer to the U.S. as the 110th.

FGRN:  Shorthand for “For God, Race and Nation”

The Organization  – The members of the KKK commonly refer to the KKK itself as such ambiguous alternatives as ‘The Organization’, ‘The Empire’, and most notably ‘The Invisible Empire’

League of the South flag –  The League of the South flag, nicknamed “The Cushman Flag” and “The Southern Nationalist Flag” – is is all-white with a black ‘X’ spreading from corner to corner. The League of the South is a white nationalist, neo-confederate group with hardcore neo-nazi ties.

AKIA – shorthand for “A Klansman I Am”

KLASP – shorthand for “Klannish Loyalty, A Sacred Principle”



Joshua Cody Case was born and raised in Candler, NC and has spent most of his life there, aside from a short time living in Canton, NC. Josh Case’s primary interests are hunting, firearms, and wilderness survival. Case used to frequent such bars as The Mountain View in Candler.  He has been fired from several jobs since he was first ousted as a lowly racist in 2016, but still finds temporary work in construction as a backhoe operator or tree trimmer.

It’s both interesting and ironic the level of identification he has with a “redneck” life, given the diverse history of what a “redneck” is/was. Not only is it used as a demonstrative for the poor, white, rural southerner – but it is more specifically tied to a racially diverse coalition of coal miners in Appalachia in the early 20th century. These coal miners came together specifically to fight the coal companies’ deadly grip on the lives of the working people and their families. The term “redneck” came from the red bandannas they wrapped around their necks as they marched on Blair Mountain during the Mine Wars.

This side of southern history has sadly been largely hidden and looked over, which has directly led to an identity crisis for much of the working class south. That identity crisis is directly correlated to the co-optation by white supremacist ideology of southern history.    




Josh Case has recently come back into the local discourse after he showed up to the counter demonstration responding to the “DEFUND” mural painted on the road outside of the police station in downtown Asheville.  The initial call for a patriot presence on social media came from local far-right grifter ‘journalist’ Chad Nesbitt and agitator Sanjit Patel (but more on them later). Josh Case started using more palatable group affiliations to publicly identity with over time. Going from the KKK to League of the South (LOS), to the III% militia. Despite his fluidity in his affiliations, his virulently racist ideals have stood the test of time. The fact that we have to dive back into this sorry excuse for a human is telling.  It shows that while he might have changed handbooks, he is still as violent as ever, and not honest about his past or present intentions.





Locals  have known  of Joshua Case and his role as Grand Dragon of the PBK of the KKK for 5 years now.  His presence at the counter demonstration with a semi-automatic rifle was immediately recognized, noted, and shared throughout the community. This has since led to an arrest warrant for Case being issued for his possession of and carrying a firearm at a public protest.

To be clear, we do not rely on the cops or courts to do our work for us. Regardless of when our enemies do become targets of the state, it does nothing to change the fact that the cops uphold white supremacy and the status quo. They still attack us and everyone who resists oppression. This is why we believe we must rely on ourselves to protect ourselves and stop the fascists.

What we continue  to see is that Joshua Cody Case exhibits the same historical behaviors, including violent threats,  dishonesty, and publicly posturing as a victim and ‘patriot’.




Now lets briefly talk about Josh Case and his history of irresponsible and unsafe practices with weapons. First you can see a 7 hour difference in these posts of Josh Case getting ready to get his drink on for the night, and then the resulting misfire of a pistol into his own leg. As gun owners we know that firearm safety is the most important aspect of gun ownership and operation. It’s impossible to safely handle a firearm if you are under the influence of alcohol, no matter how much you feel you deserve the buzz.


We have extensive archives of the extremely racist, disgusting words and images Joshua Case has shared over the years. While we don’t always feel it’s necessary to further publicize such gross ideological positions, it is also important for people to understand exactly who they are dealing with when they come across people like Josh Case in everyday life. Whether it be at a protest, on the street, in a bar, at work, or even just being in the same Facebook group. The following screenshots are just some of that documentation.







#IdentifyEvropa : Meet Asheville Fascist and White Nationalist Somerled Macdougall

A little over two years prior to this exposé, fascist recruitment flyers and stickers were anonymously posted here in western North Carolina. In October of 2017, less than two months after the deadly “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, neo-nazi propaganda was posted on UNCA campus. Just two months after that incident, a Christmas parade route in Canton, NC was littered with the same posters and stickers in mid-December. Both times the local news reported on the incidents and both times materials were found promoting the hate group Identity Evropa (IE), currently rebranded as American Identity Movement (AmIM). It is worth noting that for at least the UNCA incident, the white nationalist propaganda was quickly taken down and disposed of.
In both cases local citizens, journalists, and anti-racists were curious about who had posted these flyers. With few leads to go on, researchers couldn’t be sure if the two events were even done by the same person. While digging through discord chat logs from the Identity Evropa server released by Unicorn Riot in March 2018, we came across the handle “NCSC“. In these leaked discord chats, NCSC takes credit for putting up the flyers and stickers in both incidents, gloating especially hard when the local news quoted a statement from Identity Evropa’s website (way to give the fascist a platform guys).
‘NCSC’ claims credit for the actions with photos and a distorted perspective of the experience, unsurprisingly laden with xenophobia, transphobia, and misogyny. This post was made in the server’s “#whitepill” channel, dedicated to IE/AmIM members sharing experiences that make them feel optimistic about the world as they perceive it moving toward the white ethnostate they envision. It’s worth mentioning that the use of #whitepill in the server, in contrast to using redpill or blackpill, is an intentional tactical decision to mask the group’s inherently violent beliefs as palatable to the conservative base they attempt to court toward their white nationalist ideology. This can be encapsulated by IE/AmIM leader Patrick Casey’s own words in the server:
“However, I was concerned about some of the Discord messages mentioned in the article. REMINDER: Do not post negative things about other races; do not advocate violence; do not use crude language. In short, do not say anything that, if leaked, would make us look bad.”
User NCSC gives us a number of clues that lead us to a clear identification of them as Somerled Macdougall. First are the posts made regarding his then soon-to-be born daughter and the plan to name her Sigrun. Then, NCSC goes on to tell us about their personal history growing up in the DC area, living in Raleigh, NC, living in Poland, and finally settling in the Asheville area.
While this was enough to point us to Somerled Macdougall all on its own, we were reminded of a previous user in Unicorn Riot discord leaks that also claimed to be a husband from Asheville, with kids, and a wife from Poland. This discord username was “deactivated“, and was a participant in the Anticom and Southern Front servers, for the groups Anticommunist Action and Vanguard America, respectively.
Vanguard America (VA) is now most notably known for it’s member James Alex Fields‘ vehicular attack on anti-racist counter protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017, murdering Heather Heyer. In the wake of the deadly Charlottesville rally, VA went through it’s own internal power struggle ending with a change in it’s authoritarian leadership from former Marine Corps recruiter Dillon Ulysses Hopper to then 18-year-old Texan Thomas Rousseau aka ‘Thomas Ryan’. Rousseau went on to change the name of the organization to Patriot Front, though the organization’s ideology never changed from its explicitly “American Fascist” ideology. For a more in-depth look at the interconnection, rebranding, and common memberships throughout the stages of the group’s current namefrom Atomwaffen Division to American Reaction to American Vanguard to Vanguard America to National Bloc to Patriot Frontclick here
AntiCommunist Action (ACA) is a Nazi-affiliated organization that took part in the Unite The Right rally, white nationalist protests in Berkeley, CA, and acted as part of event security for the Richard Spencer speech in Gainesville, FL in October 2017. This is the Gainesville, FL speaking event that ended with the Fears brothers, Colton and William Fears, along with Tyler Tenbrink attempting to murder of a counter protestor. ACA has continually increased its violent rhetoric and incitement for political violence against their ‘enemies’. As reported on by non-profit media organization Unicorn Riot following their publishing of discord chat logs from ACA:
Beyond antisemitic acts of vandalism, many of the messages sent by Anticom supporters cross the line into clearly inciting violence and present serious public safety concerns. A Dropbox link posted in Anticom’s Discord user iSpringfield in April contained a folder of manuals detailing how to create various forms of explosives, such as grenades and blasting caps. (In part one of this story, we showed how earlier chats in the Anticom server included a proposed backpack bomb terror attack against antifa protesters.)
Now, ‘deactivated’ also gives us a number of clues that lead us to the clear identification of them as Somerled Macdougall.  Such clues include living in Asheville, the nickname “Mac”, his age, his wife being from Poland, and most notably the fact he and his wife have a professional business filming events. Not only does he mention the business but Somerled offers to film the events of the Charlottesville rally for Vanguard America. The event-based cinematography business Somerled and Aleksandra Macdougall own and operate is Nine Worlds Films.  Nine worlds refers to Norse mythology.  As we have mentioned before, practicing Pagan religions is not inherently nefarious though many white nationalists mar the religion by incorporating white supremacy into their beliefs. Their website and contact information can be found below.


Utilizing clues from both discord usernames’ posts Asheville Anti-Racism can unequivocally say that “NCSC” and “deactivated” are one in the same – Somerled Macdougall.  When the account “deactivated” goes silent around the Charlottesville rally, shortly after “NCSC” appears.
In addition to other clues honing into ID’ing this fascist, there were several pictures he posted on Discord of his new property on August 18th 2017.  Not only do online records confirm that his house at 118 Wisteria Way was bought on the same date, pictures of the garage on Zillow’s website match up with the garage “NCSC” posted on the nazi forum.  In the post he writes about how the garage had housed the previous owners RV camper which is seen in photo’s on Zillow.

NCSC post on Discord

You can clearly see that the garage is the same from photos from two different sources.  With the lighter/newer rafters at the top, the pulled back tarp on the backside, the single light bulb hanging on the fourth rafter in on the right of the peak, the sides matching, wooden beams having the same knots, and the broken black asphalt on the right side of the entrance lined by a wooden fence. The hillside on the left, trees behind, and dimensions also add up nicely.  118 Wisteria Way is the address associated with both Somerled and Aleksandra MacDougall. 
Somerled spends ample time bragging to his Nazi buddies online about how racist his wife is. At this time we have no proof that Aleksandra shares her husband’s beliefs or even knows about his fascist organizing. It would be a far stretch that she wouldn’t have any idea what her husband is doing.  What we do know is that when offering to film the bloodbath that was Charlottesville, Somerled insinuates that he and his wife would be happy to use their professional equipment to capture the event. 
At the very best she has no clue what is going on when her husband is online instead of editing video from wedding ceremonies. At the worst she is fully aware and hides her and her husband’s bigoted beliefs from clients while lining her pockets. Paying thousands of dollars for someone to capture ‘the moment’ shouldn’t come with the risk of your friends’ and family’s exposure to an avowed white supremacist organizer.  Maybe even more worrisome than funding hate groups with your wedding is the fact that a fascist has copies of videos of your entire wedding party.  It’s dangerous enough to have a white supremacist, antisemitic fascist attending an event that may have people of color, queer, or Jewish identities present, including the fact that he is filming you the entire time and backing it up on a hard drive.  
Within the leaked discord chats connected to the user  “deactivated”, Macdougall mentions that he runs a twitter called @DailyRAC. ‘RAC’ stands for “rock against communism” and is a historically reactionary Nazi-skinhead/white power punk rock “movement”.  RAC was a direct fascist response to “Rock Against Racism” concerts that were popular in the UK in the 80’s.  In the profile bio he writes ,”#blacklivesmatter is an opinion“, followed by “#altRight“. Just in case sneaky Somerled tries to deactivate his twitter in the wake of this exposé, we archived it here.

Profile picture is a scene from the film “American History X” of a neo-nazi skinhead blowing smoke into a black teenagers face.

Make no mistake, there are those who wish to claim these mountains for their own hate-filled ideology. Fascist organizing is a threat to our communities and our communities deserve better! When the seeds of hate start to grow into weeds, pull them from your garden by the root. If you have any tips/information you’d like to share with us, reach out via email at And remember, don’t give him an inch.


Somerled Macdougall

  • Previous name: Michael Andrew Mcdougall
  • Address: 118 Wisteria Way, Waynesville, NC 28786
  • Vehicle: Maroon Jeep Commander 4×4 SUV
  • DOB: 10/31/77, 43 years old
  • Phone: 919-601-5639 (cell), 910-350-8943 (landline)
  • Email:
  • Social Media: Twitter
  • Employment: Owner/Manager at Nine Worlds Films, LLC
  • Work Contact:, 828-551-3781, Instagram, Vimeo 
  • Discord Usernames: “deactivated” (Anticom & Southern Front servers), “NCSC” (Nice Respectable People Group server)
  • Wife: Aleksandra Maria Macdougall
  • Wife’s Job: Managing Partner at Nine Worlds Films, LLC, Controller at Tupelo Honey



#IdentifyEvropa : Meet James Patrick Shillinglaw, Child Abuser and Violent White Nationalist

**CW: Description of violent child abuse**

James Patrick Shillinglaw is a long-time white supremacist in the south, attending various rallies over the years that are mostly tied to confederate monuments. Shillinglaw has resided in Florida, Virginia, South Carolina, and North Carolina, with the majority of his recent years living in the Jacksonville, FL area and working as a “historian” at the Southern History Museum. It is unlikely he still works there officially, though it is likely he remains on their Board of Directors. He can be seen as early as August 2015 in the public sphere, when he was escorted out of a Lake City, FL council meeting to retire the city seal including the confederate flag, while chanting “Southern lives matter, southern lives matter”. James Shillinglaw is also notable on the Appointed Staff list for the Florida Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. 

Rallies across the southern US in support of the southern confederacy and its relics have long been a bastion of racially-based intimidation and hate, and displays of white supremacy- all thinly veiled (if veiled at all) as “southern heritage”. While there are many in the south who have little to no opinion about the Confederate flag or any of the 100s of monuments coming down, the unseen reality is the rallies around them have been used as networking opportunities for white supremacist, white nationalist, and fascist groups for decades. The Ku Klux Klan uses the confederate flag as its imagery, the League of the South (LOS) uses a variation as its imagery, Identity Dixie (ID) uses a variation of its imagery, the list goes on.

The vast majority of Shillinglaw’s interest and activity in white supremacist movements is tied to the failed southern confederacy and confederate monuments. Confederate monuments are also part of a documented historical legacy known as The Lost Cause of the Confederacy, or the Cult of the Lost Cause. This refers to an ideology of pseudo-history based on negation, that supposes the American Civil War was not centrally based on slavery, and repaints the Confederacy as ‘just, equitable and heroic’ instead.  If you look at the history of confederate monuments being built around the US, there are waves of new installations post-WWI and again in the 1950’s and 1960’s. This is because just after WWI the last of the shamed confederate veterans were dying, and groups like Heirs to the Confederacy or United Daughters of the Confederacy had statues commissioned and dedicated as a way to subvert their legacy of white supremacy and put a heroic, selfless, idealized spin on it, denying any immorality. The second wave occurred in the 50’s and 60’s as (you guessed it) a reactionary antagonism of the Civil Rights movement.

Before we get into Shillinglaw’s specific ties to white supremacist organizations and actions, we’d like to share another aspect of his history of violence. In November 2013, James Patrick Shillinglaw was arrested and held before being bonded out for felony aggravated child abuse (827.03(1)(A)) in Jacksonville, FL.  The details of his actions are abhorrent, and include beating and choking the victim for interrupting him on the phone. The specific statute he was charged with reads as follows:

827.03 Abuse, aggravated abuse, and neglect of a child; penalties.

(1) DEFINITIONS.As used in this section, the term:

(a) “Aggravated child abuse” occurs when a person:

1. Commits aggravated battery on a child;
2. Willfully tortures, maliciously punishes, or willfully and unlawfully cages a child; or
3. Knowingly or willfully abuses a child and in so doing causes great bodily harm, permanent disability, or permanent disfigurement to the child.



By the time two years had passed, James Patrick Shillinglaw exponentially stepped up the outward nature of his hatred and violence with an attendance to the deadly Unite the Right (UTR) rally in Charlottesville, VA in 2017 as an open member of League of the South (LOS). Shillinglaw is on video and in photos from both the August 11th torch march and August 12th rally wearing an LOS hat, LOS T-shirt, and holding an LOS flag. League of the South is a neo-confederate, white nationalist, and white supremacist organization co-founded by anti-semite, pro-slavery, slug Michael Hill in 1994. The group was part of the Neo-Nazi Nationalist Front alongside the National Socialist Movement (NSM), the now laughably defunct Traditionalist Workers Party (TWP), and Vanguard America (VA) since splintered and rebranded as Patriot Front (PF). They participated in the Pikeville, KY rally in April 2017, Charlottesville UTR rally and torch march, and the White Lives Matter rally in Shelbyville, TN as key organizers in all three events (and many more).


As pointed out on Twitter by users @EmilyGorcenski @TTOJAF and @m1523751, James Shillinglaw is documented in LOS group pictures, marching with the League of the South into Charlottesville on August 12th, and taking part in the torch march on the night of August 11th. In particular, the League of the South march into Charlottesville on August 12th is cited as one of the more violent melee attacks of the day, where anyone in their way was met with attack. This included James Patrick Shillinglaw, as he is seen on video assaulting someone with his flagpole here at the 0:35 mark.



Not only is James Shillinglaw a League of the South member, Unite The Right rally attendee and convicted child abuser, he is now being exposed as a member of American Identity Movement (AmIM), formerly known as Identity Evropa (IE).  In the Discord chat logs for the White Nationalist group formerly known as Identity Evropa, which were leaked earlier this year by Unicorn Riot, James Shillinglaw operated under the username “Peter Long”. 



James Patrick Shillinglaw

DOB: 9/16/1970

Address: 409 Spring Street, Jamestown, NC 27282

Vehicle: Mid/late 2000s Red Dodge Caravan, NC plate HAX3612.

Physical Description: About 6’4″, 190 lbs, short light brown hair mixed with grey and white, hazel eyes, small chin, he often has a well-trimmed boxed beard of the same hair colors.

Profession: Last known job was as Chief Historian at the Museum of Southern History in Jacksonville, FL. Also retired US Navy.

Spouse: Karen Faith (Scott) Shillinglaw


Phone: 757-818-0541

Usernames: shillcw, Peter Long, jimshill, shilljim, angrysaxon14


James Patrick Shillinglaw’s personal Facebook and Twitter pages draw a clear line between his recycled usernames, including that of ‘Peter Long’ which he used in Discord. He then goes on to use his other usernames as the actual handles/URLs for these not-so-anonymous accounts, tying himself from one account with pictures of himself to one without a legal name and filled with awful hate and bigotry. 




Within the discord chat itself ‘Peter Long’ doesn’t post too much, but he does let us know that at the time of joining the hate group he lives in Florida. By the time of his last message before the publishing of the leaked chat, he has moved to North Carolina and is actively trying to rally people to (you guessed it) a confederate monument rally in Raleigh, NC. It is worth noting that within the past year, James Patrick Shillinglaw has remained very active in attending confederate rallies throughout his new home state of North Carolina, including as recently as the October rally in Pittsboro, NC.

In the few posts as Peter Long in discord, Shillinglaw shows us he is actively participating by throwing up an Identity Evropa sticker, and shares his preferred white supremacist twitter handle ‘AngrySaxon14’. This is of course a reference to the 14 words, the white nationalist slogan coined by virulent racist David Lane. On discord, Shillinglaw also incessantly asks how the hate group is doing.  And ya know, why not mutually follow yourself from your personal account and your even fashier account? And your wife’s racist account? Can’t see how that will go wrong.



From his Facebook to both of his Twitters, the likes and followers are a litany of white nationalist, racist, and fascist, pages and personas. The same can be said of his wife Karen Faith Scott Shillinglaw, who is not a known member of any organization but needs to be held accountable for her views as well. Below are just a couple of the many, many… many examples. Such examples will include 4 different ‘White Lives Matter’ pages, ‘White and Proud’, and 2 different Pioneer Little Europe pages. Pioneer Little Europe is a failed white nationalist project aimed at creating whites-only communities across the United States, most notably in Leith, North Dakota.






James and Karen Shillinglaw also used to share Karen’s Facebook page, before she recently reverted back to her own. Even functioning as a couple’s Facebook page, they had white nationalist support for their photos like League of the South leader Michael Hill. It seems they’ve only been married for a couple years and their connection linked to their support of the southern confederacy. Karen and James are pictured one after another speaking in defense of the confederate flag on the Lake City, FL logo previously mentioned, before James was escorted out.




In summation, James Patrick Shillinglaw is an incredibly racist, violent, active dues paying member of both white nationalist orgnaizations American Identity Movement and League of the South, and is also a known child abuser. He continues to show up for confederate rallies across the region, known recruiting grounds for exactly the same kinds of organizations he actively participates in. James Shillinglaw is a disgusting excuse for a human being and should be shown no mercy for the atrocious actions he’s taken and continues to support. Don’t give him an inch.


As always, if you have any tips/information to share about this particular individual or anyone/thing else feel free to reach out to us via email at ashevilleantiracism (@)  protonmail(.)com or ashevilleantiracism (@) riseup(.)net





Tia Azar Foster, Eco-Fascist Monster

This is a basic appeal and general warning to the North Carolina community regarding Tia Azar Foster and Jacob Robert Martin of Ananda Animal Refuge and Rescue, as well as Mercy Line Transport based out of the Yadkinville area. This document will concentrate on Tia, as Jacob will be getting his own exposure.

Tia Azar Foster giving a nazi salute in front of Temple Emanuel in Winston Salem.


“Surfing the Kali Yuga” is a popular trope among neo-nazis that practice “esoteric nazism”

A link to Esoteric Nazism

Tia not holding back on this profile, using “fashwave” imagery of James Alex Fields along with naming her group “White Tree”.

Tia Foster, also known online as Tia Walsh and Tia Chase, has been hiding some serious skeletons in her closet. Most animal rights activists know Foster by the name Tia Walsh, the lady online that rescues chickens and lives at her bird and fish sanctuary, Ananda Animal Refuge and Rescue.  White Nationalist activists know her online as Tia Chase or Tia Chase II.  All three social media profiles are down as of this writing, but we know without a doubt these three profiles belong to Tia Azar Foster.  The profile “Tia Chase” came under scrutiny when Tia started trying to do jail support for white supremacist murderer James Alex Fields.  When Foster had trouble locating Fields in the prison system, she began spreading unfounded conspiracy theories on social media that Heather Heyer’s death was a false flag operation. Tia took her partner Jacob’s alias’ surname “Chase”.  Under these profiles is where she would spew hatred towards minorities and organize with fellow fascists.  “Tia Walsh” was a bit more palatable with no real political talk except for animal rights, and being the profile that ran the sanctuary’s facebook page.  A dead gofundme link for Ananda shows Tia’s real name, Tia Foster, when input to a Google search engine.


   Coming originally from the leftist Occupy movement in NYC in 2011, Foster has been a political scenester for almost a decade. Fast forward to 2019 and she has been reveling in her popularity among the neo-nazis, alt-right and eco-fascist camps. While Tia has kept her love for liberating animals and speaking for their rights, she has also adopted some very abhorrent views of her fellow humans. This includes racism, Islamophobia, transphobia, homophobia and antisemitism – all of which are tied together under Eco-fascism.

Eco-fascism is not a new movement, though there is a current resurgence of white supremacists adopting a contrived environmentalism to their already violently racist and bigoted views. Eco-fascism can best be summed up as a blending of environmental or ecological views of saving the earth, with the means of doing so rooted in a hatred of multiculturalism, or any people seen as “less than”- stemming from the belief that the world is overpopulated and these “undesirables” need to go by any means necessary.  Both the El Paso and Christchurch mass shooters were self described eco-fascists as stated in their manifestos. The basic belief of shutting off borders to migrants and turning the nation into a white ethnostate is at the core of this movement. Violence and intimidation that targets refugees and other marginalized people of color are the tools used to achieve these goals. This is Tia’s new fan club, the neo-nazis that wrap their genocidal views in deep ecology and animal rights activism. Other people who have been near this putrid soul have no clue what she really thinks about her community.

Tia mentions the term “race traitor”. Race traitor is a pejorative reference to a person who is perceived as supporting attitudes or positions thought to be against the interests or well-being of that person’s own race. For example, one or both parties to an interracial relationship may be characterized as “race traitors”.


Let’s back up a bit to get some context of who Tia is and how she arrived here. After moving out of her parent’s upper-class home in Ohio, Foster moved to Brooklyn and became a familiar face in leftist circles like Occupy and the animal rights scenes. Attempting to start animal rights groups in NYC, she was criticized for the lack of participation of people of color. This criticism was not received well and Tia began to slip further right rather than actually reflecting on her own lack of intersectionality within her work. Her ego took precedence above progress and concerns of inclusion.

Falling out with the leftist crowd led Tia to look elsewhere to continue her animal rights activism, where she found “Anarcho-Nationalism” and the “New Right” the predecessor of the alt-right. As early as 2012 Foster was being interviewed on white nationalist podcasts, the far right discussing her on 4chan (a popular chat forum amongst white supremacists) and even Matt Parrott essays. In a white nationalist podcast called “Attack the System” hosted by racist Keith Preston, Tia spends an hour talking about her early years transitioning to the far right. Topics include when she was called out for posting holocaust denial propaganda, loathing of politically correct language, rejection of feminism and the JQ (the dog whistle for “the Jewish Question” among neo-nazis). Here she explains her disdain for the left in general and talks about leaving that scene after only a short time.

Tia and Jacob are avid fans of the neo-nazi cartoon “Murdoch Murdoch”

In the years following, Tia continued to be sort of an anomaly as a far right female personality online and an animal rights activist showing up at protests. Note that most of the activists in the animal rights movement had no knowledge of her antisemitism and only saw her as an animal loving “comrade”. She talks about co-opting leftist terminology and tactics to convert leftist environmentalists to national socialism. Her more underground work might be of some interest to people who work with her in real life. Activities like attempting to do prisoner support for James Alex Fields, the white nationalist murderer who ran down anti-racists indiscriminately in Charlottesville, killing Heather Heyer. Or her and Jacob’s eco-fascist pet project called “White Tree” which has talked about organizing actions to post anti-immigration flyers at “liberal” universities. These targets included North Star LGBTQ Center Incendiary Brewing Company, Forsythe County Safety Center and Emanuel Temple, a synagogue. They also talked about flyering UNC Chapel Hill and Wake Forest. We think it is unfair for people to stand a chance of arrest protecting animals’ rights while unwittingly standing next to a virulent fascist.

A “White Tree” poster Tia wants to put up.


This is as much of a warning to the general community as an appeal for activists of good faith to distance themselves from the disgusting views of white nationalists and the people who try to infiltrate our spaces. If you believe in intersectionality, diversity, anti-racism and fighting oppression of any kind this appeal is for you and we are glad you’ve found it. Fitting a hierarchy on oppression is a slippery slope into a fascist mindset. One where you can spin the narrative that Jews are the very people creating the environmental crisis by having a pro-immigration agenda that destroys the stolen land we now call the United States. We believe in rights for all non-human animals and protection of the natural environment, but not at the expense of violence and marginalization of other human beings. This world is on fire and we need to do something to put that fire out, that certainly doesn’t mean oppressing and blaming people who are turned then into scapegoats for the masses. Clearly this is counter to the animal rights mantra of being the voice of those who don’t have one. Does the child locked in a U.S. concentration camp have a voice? Or the millions of wrongly incarcerated black and brown people have an effective way to communicate what it feels like to be forgotten?

Tia and Jacob joking about gassing people, a reference to the holocaust.

Tia and her partner, Jacob Martin AKA Jacob Chase, have been known to engage with groups like Direct Action Everywhere (DXE), Anonymous for the Voiceless, and Mercy Line Transport among others. These groups might be doing some really good work for animals but we ask with compassion to those working with or within these groups- where do you draw the line with people that you work with to save animal lives? Are you okay with your Jewish, black, brown, trans and queer comrades working with somebody that considers them subhuman? Just because you have a few solid ideals doesn’t negate all the other problematic ideas you believe. A broken clock is only correct twice a day. We certainly wouldn’t attend Hitler’s potluck just because it was vegan.

Tia and another nazi discussing violence against a political opponent.

A portion of a “White Tree” anti-immigration flyer. “WN” stands for “White Nationalism”.

Tia operated several facebook accounts that have all been removed or deplatformed by the time this is being published. However several anti-racist researchers were able to archive quite a bit of information before Foster went dark on the main web. This includes an extensive friends list of neo-nazis, “likes” of neo-nazi and transphobic facebook groups, as well of loads of bigoted comments.

Tia and Jacob are hiding their true intentions and using animal liberation to do so. Let’s take a look at the company she keeps when not advocating for animals. A video uploaded to youtube on February 17th, 2014 by “bekindtoanimals100” shows Tia and her friend complaining about being asked to leave a headshop in Virginia for not following the common rule of abstaining from saying the word “bong”. You might recognize the man in the video as Alex McNabb, the neo-nazi podcaster who was fired from his job as an EMT after he was exposed as a neo-nazi podcaster on “The Daily Shoah”, and saying, among other things, that he had tortured a black child with an oversized needle.  McNabb was also a participant at the deadly Charlottesville “Unite the Right” rally. Not only does Tia hang out with internet nazis, she has been hanging out with them in real life for quite some time. This is not a new trend for her and if you are surprised by all this information, know that you are not the only one.

Tia and Alex McNabb 2014


Tia Azar Foster

Ananda Animal Refuge and Rescue  

DOB 10/27/1983

Phone: 336-964-1673


Making Racists Afraid Again